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You sound almost manic. If you are abusing any drug legal or not put that shit down for while even mundane things like coffee. Stay hydrated. I know it sounds trite but distress causes rudimentary neglect.

Now you are going to exercise. Simple stuff push ups, sit ups. Don't cheat yourself do an honest 10 of each then repeat. drink water. A heavy bag is good if you have one. If not a light shadow boxing punching the head and body keeping your arms extended in front of you for five minutes minimum.

If you are capable of singing sing one entire song start to finish don't skimp sing the whole thing. Endorphins baby. Now put on shoes and slowly walk around your block.

After drinking water and showering it is time to meditate. You should simply take in three fulsome rib stretching breaths and exhalations with your hands together heart level in prayer position. Consider your death. Consider your wife never returning. These things could happen. The worst possible thing is always a moment away. This is the human condition and something you need to be at ease with now and forever. You know this and must breathe through it. If this truth makes you manic seriously go outside and find dirt. Dig a small hole with your hands and stick your face right in the fucking dirt take three breaths in your Earth hole. Sounds dumbs as fuck but a really strange shaman showed me this trick and we laughed like we were aliens.

Right now there is a major solar event effecting the Earth and it is causing people to glitch. No, really. Realize this.

Actually getting to be alone is a luxury. I envy you.

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Actually getting to be alone is a luxury.

It is so peaceful.

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Is it weird that I don’t like being alone during the day if I’m not busy or working on something, but at night it’s a completely different story, especially after 12 AM?

I consider myself an introvert for sure, most people are an emotional & mental drain to me, and too much interaction and metaphorical mask-wearing (being agreeable and hiding my true feelings, beliefs & morals (unless it involves me swallowing undue shit from someone or partaking in something I feel is morally wrong), to avoid pointless conflict and being “that guy”), tires me out after a few days; the only way I can recharge is by being alone, at night.

There’s something about being awake at night when the majority around you are asleep, everything is still, it’s like the system is temporarily shut down. There are zero expectations of you other than to relax and just be. Everyone you know is sleeping; there’s literally nothing to worry about concerning the people in your life, whether you’re worried about them or they stress you out.

Recharging at night is the best.

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There’s something about being awake at night when the majority around you are asleep, everything is still, it’s like the system is temporarily shut down.

Exactly. It's like being outside of expectations or interruptions. The world is on hold.

Working on projects at night can be the best.

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Sorry i can't follow through here. Maybe this is easy for you because you can behave in this way because you possibly are an introvert.

But i also well can at least understand OP's point here, even when myself i can't feel or estimate it by itself.

On every test testing the extrovert/introvert i hit the 50 % with an error margin of max 2 % as long as the number of questions is above twenty and i am not intoxicated or deprived from substances.

Introverts handle energy in another way than extroverts. Especially in relationships. I only can explain this from a thinking POV because the thinking/feeling attribute i hit thinking with at least 75% every time.

Though through over eight years of group therapy sessions and ambulant as well as stationary treatment i at this point in time believe have at least somewhat understood how the step from thought to emotion "can" work in most human beings.

Not for me (of course :-D) but for most, you know ?

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This dude knows what he's talking about. I used to go to pieces when I was alone for a week or so. Meditation helps. Finding internal peace helps. You need to find out that you are okay with being you. Find your own meaning and place in this universe without that being external to you (not within another person).

And do the physical things. Take a shower and brush your teeth. Go for a walk in the woods. Go outside at night and look at the stars away from city lights. Go for a drive to nowhere, a place you've never been before. Take a long hike. Work with your hands in the garage. Plant something in the ground. Do a hobby. Volunteer.

People are stressed out right now and need to have a release. Everyone is going through this. The sooner you find your own internal peace, the better off you will be.

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Are you an observing personality ? Because i think i can guess quite well at this point in time.

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Great advice all. Well done.

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What else can be said about solar activity causing people to glitch?

I'm genuinely interested.

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Short mention of the linked paper and solar particle health effects in the video in the first link. Ben reviews and links to similar papers regularly.

space weather, human health

Use this search term for more.

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Why is this channel getting so much hate all of the sudden, do you know? Has it always been this way?

Every now and again a user here would link to a video from that channel, I always found it interesting and the comments were always 100% positive iirc. Now the comments are super negative & attacking the channel, did something happen?

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I'm not seeing any negative comments on todays video. Okay, scrolled way down, and saw one.

They slapped a contect warning on you. Funny, I trust you more than the factcheckers. They are just parrots.

Quite a few mentioning the wiki warning youtube just added under his videos.

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Every few thousand years the sun diarrhea sprays electromagnetism at the earth causing mass extinction events because we’re all goddamn electric but sometimes it is a light sprinkle and it makes people feel a bit foggy

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because we’re all goddamn electric

So true. When I was fresh out of high school, maybe a year and a half into uni for my neuropsych degree, I realized we were all basically robots/cyborgs.. between the brain, the CNS and how we run; calories are a form of energy. The neurotransmitter receptor sites responsible for making us work or triggering other responses in our body that are vital, all have sodium channels or other good conductors of electricity. We need things like iron, calcium, sodium (electrolytes) etc for this purpose.

The neurotransmitter GABA, is supposed to keep this in check (almost like a built-in circuit breaker), so we aren’t seizing all over the place. GABA receptors are literally found throughout the body, even in the gut. It regulates that electricity that keeps us going, that originates from food which is turned into energy.

It’s such a weird thing to think about and realize. All we actually are is our brain, eyes, spinal cord and the rest of the CNS, this is what we actually look like as humans and what’s responsible for making us, us; everything outside of that is a shell to not only protect & embed functions for all of that, but to move and interact with the world, to obtain more fuel and reproduce.

Edit: sry autocorrect

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I’m glad you responded Enza because you posted that video about DNA and the ancestry test companies. So there was discussion about how the genome evolves and I remembered watching this video of this paleo-climatologist and he was basically saying that magnetic reversals or other disruptions from the sun can cause changes in the genome. I strapped on the tinfoil dunce helmet and was thinking, if scientists are aware of the sun shit and the malleability of the human genome, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to bank a massive diverse sample and study how different people evolve in relation?

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How can you stand such stifling oppression? I could go months between seeing other people in real life, but realistically a week or two is average. "Yes, thanks, I would like a bag." The emptiness is not crushing, it's freedom.

When another person is around, you almost have to divert some of your attention to them. Your life is no longer your own.

Sleeping is pretty easy. Pretty much just close your eyes late at night and it will happen. Same with food. Acquire it, prep and cook it, then put it on a plate and eat it. Tons of recipes on the internet, and any condiments you can imagine.

Just got a couple new kinds of toasted sesame oil, and braised some chopped collard greens in it tonight, with a dash of soy sauce. Not the worst thing I've ever eaten.

I'll just say, all that human contact seems to have put you in a rather fragile psychological state.

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This depends strongly on the person. Not everyone is the same. Some need human contact to stay psychologically healthy. Others need less, or do not need any at all.

There is a human social spectrum ranging from manic extroverts at the top to autists and sociopaths at the bottom. Pegging everyone into a single category is bad, but the vast majority require some alone time as well as some time with other people.

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Agreed, and contact needs vary with conditions.

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You need a few projects. Figuring out what those are may be your first project.

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I like being alone to avoid people like you. Does that help?

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I wish I could literally be alone forever.

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It's just because you're an extrovert.

Most people on Saidit are introverts so they will think you are crazy.

Extroverts get more energy from being around people so being alone will drain you.

I have the same thing with my sister, except she can only manage around half an hour alone without going mad.

The simple fix is to get some friends you can hang with when she's not around. You just need company not cuddles.

Online friendships don't count.

The thing is you need to maintain those friendships even when she is around. No one likes those guys who disappear off the face of the earth whenever there's a woman in the picture. You have to make the effort to organise a meet up every month at least.

Maybe see if their are any clubs or groups you are interested in in your area.

I don't think you can charge your basic nature, at least not once you're an adult. I mean I know a lot of extroverts who just have the TV playing all day so they can pretend there are people in the house and they are of all ages.

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I think you describe something here that has been a serious problem for people during COVID19 lockdowns. I often have some of these problems with I leave town and have to work alone. The online community is not sufficient for this kind of support, though I know others who use Facebook and other social media to refer to everything they do during the day. That's a self-affirmation exercise that would depress me if I tried it. It's an interesting problem that an over-populated world has more lonely people than ever. In my view, one's connection to a community is the most important civic activity. The "modern" world began in coffee shops in the mid-17th century, some people have appropriately argued, because this developed in the community conversations about our lives and the world. When I am in other cities, working alone, I like to go to places were there are people, visit city centers and shopping areas or malls, arrange meetings, head to sports bars to watch games, visit cigar lounges in places that have them, talk to strangers in pubs, arrange long walks public parks and rural parks, &c. The walks are also important and theraputic. I avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible, because it can cause depression the next day if one is alone. Otherwise, no more than 2 glasses or shots. Eating will help, but I understand and appreciate the lack of appetite. Also vary your activities as much as possible, arranging different tasks. This also helps cognitively in the short and long term (reducing risks of dementia &c). Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep/day, which can be difficult for many who are alone. (Those who tend to get only 5 hours of sleep develop various problems, including the likelihood of dementia.) Join a club or a group in your local area or nearby. Hope this helps.

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I like to go to places were there are people

I spent a time after a divorce when I was alone for weeks at a time, and this technique is helpful. It doesn't matter whether you know anyone or not. Just being among humans lessens the isolation.

Let whims become activities. If you get a sense of ice cream, hell, go to the ice cream shop; make that "an activity". Before you know it, another day is passed...

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What really helps for me is to fall asleep to wonderful music, listen to podcasts throughout the day, and keep busy with things that interest me. It's also good to take some time away from the Internet and dedicate it to reading a book. YMMV on that one, though, because if the absence of your wife crushes you, it seems extreme to also cut yourself off from the Internet. But sometimes it makes it easier when you deliberately seek out solitude.

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You can get used to it. I couldn't stand working from home in a few months after the pandemic started but here I am, more than a year later, and I'm doing ok.

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Plandemic*. Don't normalize it.

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I think this is actually a question of



Psychologically model-able character type ( how you handle loneliness empirically : or even better look up the "hexaco model" and do a test (and lot of reading to grasp this one after you understood the standard model at least generally) ) which only "explains" traits from observation and then applying statistics), so heuristically, so maybe not even apply-able in your case.


b) Your personal "values". These either you can possibly understand because you acquired them after you were three years old because then you can possibly remember the how and why. Or the values that were exemplified to you when you were under the age of three that nonetheless have a (not quite understood) impact on your character and role-behaviour (possibly even brain-chemistry) which you can barely change because you most likely can't remember them.



c) Genetics. The brain is pure magic as well as its chemistry and dimensions of interconnect-ability . In my definition of this word this means (after a lot of therapy and reading up on my problems) i still feel like Scrat from Ice Age. I - in phases though - still don't understand why especially i do some "quirky", "geeky" or even "harmful". Reading up and therapy only help so far and with some things below that you just gotta learn to live sometimes, i believe and wanna say here.

I personally don't believe that "quirks" or "traits" that define the general direction of circumstances that mostly put you in distress like you describe are anyway near to be easy to understand. I believe that we as the human race need to acquire a lot more knowledge before even getting near to the point that we at least somewhat can understand our own brains.

Because of this belief e.g. i lately even changed my own philosphy somewhat: It is time to understand for us that our environment isn't made to be conquered by us but we (as a form of existence) should practice waaaaaay more humbleness towards what nature actually did achieve with us.

Last but certainly not least there are engineering arguments: "Nature" had some billion years time to evolve us. Even "needed" catastrophes therefore. But in all our megalomania we still after only some thousand years of written human language, we for most parts still believe we can understand these kind of processes.

This is insane megalomania. But one the other hand only my sole opinion.

Through simplification and then abstraction in a finite and always apply-able (also decidable but this is only a footnote: In LateStageCapitalism it ain't quite fashionable any more to question your own arguments ) set of steps and then exploiting these algorithms to finally extort ourselves till extinction we will most likely eradicate most of what stays alive of us. This (without any sarcasm) is my grasp on latest politics, fyi. Lets say for this century so far, ok ?

I don't think this is even near to possibly because our construction or development is more fail-safe then we even are able to grasp in the next 3000 years.

The only possibly sad fact then could possibly be that there are way less other humans to even talk about this using all these complicated words even.

I encourage you to think about this post. I also encourage you to think about what happens if we loose plurality as a model for society. Because not all reason why we as individuals prosper or get distressed then stressed then either depressed or medicated and then die or get (on a low chance) saved agree here.

I don't think so any-more.