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We are living in Gomorrah. Over the decades we have completely crossed the line of what a sustainable society must control if it is to continue. Porn Education?! Ethical porn?! Holy shit. Do these people even hear themselves?

The "intellectual" pathway to this point is quite visible, and I understand it well from my own moral failings.

I have my own moral weaknesses, and acting on them I caused a lot of harm when I was younger. I was also very liberal in my "social politics". As such, I want to offer my insight into the liberal mindset that is feeding this rot. I shared this mindset for years, allowing me to understand it intimately:

I felt myself with good intentions and I wanted to make the world better, but I had these behaviors. Well, if I'm a fundamentally decent person, and clearly these behaviors are common, then we shouldn't be punishing people who suffer with the same sense of moral tension which I myself was feeling. These people were only engaging in behaviors which were - while in scale perhaps worse than my own - fundamentally following the same urges I was. Therefore, the "logic" goes, these behaviors are not inherently evil, because we all share them, and I'm a decent person. So people who engage in these behaviors should not be punished, but helped, just as I wanted help for my own problems.

That's liberal social logic in a nutshell.

It is also profoundly, absolutely, and fundamentally mistaken. I was fortunate, many years ago, that into my life came people and experiences that taught me the mistake. Very simply: when a person commits an act, the act itself is either good or evil. That's it. Period. No wiggle room. It doesn't matter who we "are". Our actions speak for themselves, and when an act is evil, it must not be allowed. Period. No wiggle room.

This life of "But my feelings...!" is absolutely destroying us. What we "feel" has fuck all to do with the above truth. What we do either creates benefit or it creates harm. If the result of an act is harm, society must sanction that activity, always.

This is a very frustrating element of society, because no matter how much we sanction the acts, we have never been able to eradicate the behaviors; they are hard-wired into our species. The liberal sees that and says, "well then why don't we look at it differently and celebrate what we can't get rid of rather than spitting in the wind?" They ignore the elephant in the room, however. That elephant is that no matter what "attitude" we approach these behaviors with, the behaviors themselves inherently cause harm. Period. No matter how we try to "frame" it, the harm is irrevocably attached to the behavior. When the behavior occurs, people get hurt. There is no way of breaking that link.

Long story short, the liberal mindset is fundamentally mistaken in its belief that by being lenient on certain behaviors, we will become more a compassionate and decent society.

People absolutely can be redeemed. I'm living/walking proof of this. But the only path to redemption is to accept that no matter how decent and empathetic and kind I have always wanted to be - and I did want to be all those things at all times - the actions I was taking were absolutely wrong. They were morally evil.

Changing the "perception" of the actions can not work. Only by teaching people how to reject these behaviors completely, engaging instead in actually decent actions, can we start moving our society back toward the direction of decency, where genuine compassion and empathy can flower.

We'll never get to paradise on earth, but we can do a hell of a lot better than what we see around us today.

This shit can no longer be tolerated.

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Well put. I want to read a blog full of posts like this.

being lenient on certain behaviors, we will become more a compassionate and decent society.

They go even further: twisting porn's supposed unavoidability into "free trade coffee"-style activism, where provenance somehow matters most as a measure of value or empathy. Oddly in tune with popular consumerist culture, yet still peculiar.

I was trying to describe it as "ethical hedonism" at first, but the tracts I found on that were more of the puritanical anti-consumerist of the '70s (who lionizes poverty), not the activism consumerist of today (who are the Che Guevera fashionistas that the movie Network lampooned).

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Ethical porn courses.

Something about an adult training "young people" (aka high schoolers) about an incredibly sexualized topic doesn't sit particularly well with me.

Especially considering how prevalent sexual abuse is amongst school teachers.

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This is an article from The Atlantic.

Further proof that porn is a weapon.

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In particular, free porn is absolutely a tool of mind control. The ultimate distraction so that people's energy goes into our pants rather than into addressing the real dangers of the lethally compliant world we're being herded into.

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normal porn is okay.

yeah idk how porn will affect the next generation but i'm sure it'd be important.

not hot headed enough to take sides yet though.

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LOL what the fuck? next in the atlantic "we must expose 6 yo children to 'ethical pornography'". Fucking pedos they don't even hide it...

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So op believes in education from random links found.

We got some competence here marching directly to the Reichstag.

Possibly even interesting the one or other incel when they weren't lazy af.

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Pornhub and lots of other porn sites are free. You really don't need much of a "porn education" to be able to use them.