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/u/d3rr it looks like /u/ORGASMATRON_9000 violated mod rule 4 by removing a comment deemed critical of Bolsonaro. Additionally the sidebars of both /s/BOLSONARO and /s/Brazil/ violate mod rule 4.

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/u/ORGASMATRON_9000 please review the SaidIt moderator rules /s/SaidIt/comments/w6s/saidit_rules_for_moderators/

You can either hide /s/BOLSONARO and /s/Brazil/ from the /s/all feed, OR you can remove your "positive only" rules for these subs (allowing open debate with the entire saidit community). Those are your two choices.

If I don't hear from you, your subs will be removed from /s/all.

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OK, go ahead and remove them. I would just wager that this is an unwarranted intervention. Almost 100% of the topics about Brazil in Saidit are negative, and my intention was to make a counterpoint to that.

Believe me, it's kind of hard doing that, for the Internet is filled with bad news about Brazil, most of them totally politically motivated. In those rare instances when something positive about Brazil is published, it always has a "but".

So my moderation in both the aforementioned subs is based on curating the topics I post, requiring a full and thorough reading of them, for I learned that even the silliest article on Brazil can come with some criticism of the country itself or of its the current administration.

Basically, the mentioned subs were some of the only places in the Internet where anyone could see a series of topics on Brazil that are positive. The rest, the 99.9999999999999999999999999% other Internet sites, mostly cover Brazil with a highly negative bias.

So, if you want to forcefully hide such speck in the sand subs from the world, and in the process making Saidit less unique, please go ahead. Thanks.

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I can totally respect that man, and I'm sorry that I have to force a change like this. SaidIt is just positioned to be a "debate first" site.

I thought of a third option, we could rename your subs to brazil_positive and bolsonaro_positive (or similar), and then it's blatantly obvious to everyone that on topic means positive praise only. Then they could stay on /s/all.

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Thanks for the prompt answer. Please rename them as suggested. Thank you very much.

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okay you should be all set with your renamed subs. let me know if anything is janky, these are the first renamed subs ever.

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Is _negative allowed too?

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yes. at least until m7 comes back.

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Probably where that video of the Brazilian guys doing some soccer moves with all those uninstalled heads would be posted.

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Hey Node how's it going?

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Hey AXXA. Pepper seeds are sprouting. The summer fog has been lingering til noonish or so. (why we don't have excessively hot weather) And the mask cult seems to be faltering around here, although that doesn't mean I'll ever go back to their stores again.

Saidit didn't go down last week, so maybe the pattern is broken.

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This new rule could be added to the moderator rules.

4c) Or mods CAN remove opposing opinions that are high on the pyramid of debate, and ban those users on that sub, if and only if the 2 following conditions are met: 1: The fact the sub removes opposing opinions is announced in the sub's sidebar. 2: The sub name ends in "_positive".

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I like this new rule. I'd like to see it done with _bot, _feed, and _blog and other stuff.

There's already negative stuff in that sub. Wouldn't it be better to create a new sub than rename it? And/or IMO there should be a grandfather rule so that old content won't be removed for the new rule.

Can you please rename /s/canada to /s/Canada?

cc /u/ORGASMATRON_9000

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I like the _bot idea. They should be forced to disclose bot in the username. But that's harder to enforce than sub naming rules.

Nein, renaming subs is hard. Just visit with the capitol C and it stays that way :D

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I like the _bot idea. They should be forced to disclose bot in the username. But that's harder to enforce than sub naming rules.

Understandable, but sometimes it's not about enforcing rules so much as showing a path. I'll use the PoD as a guide, with others, rather than rules. Only a few hard rules/laws, lots of guides.

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Believe me, it's kind of hard doing that, for the Internet is filled with bad news about Brazil

It's not very obvious that admiring the vaccine rollout is "bad news". Nor that doing it once is "repeat offending".

I wasn't expecting any consequences for your subs from this post, but you banned me, for such a not-obvious infringement, with the line "If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for /s/Brazil by replying to this message," in the same minute as stopping me from contacting the moderator team.

Which I thought was funny because it's such a dick move.

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I took my sub of all btw because it apparently doesn't support free speech.

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I have given this issue a thorough consideration, and have decided to terminate my account and my subs here in Saidit. As bad as it is, Reddit, that you try to emulate, doesn't interfere in specific subreddits just after a single complaint.

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Are you talking about Reddit or Saidit? It looks like you are interchanging the two.

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Its a troll

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The "temporarily muted" link in the mail in my inbox does link to the page, as is faithfully reproduced above.

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maybe it's because you're shilling for a scam vaccine?

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Okay. That kind of raises about three questions:

Which scam vaccine am I shilling for by posting in a sub that sees an average of less than 1.1 upvotes per post?

Why don't you think I would shill in a place where it might reach two or more people?

What does that post do to shill for this scam vaccine?