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Scrolling through their profile, it's seems like she's a heterosexual, cisgender woman. Do you have any proof she's trans? She never says she's transgender.

She talks about having a vagina when she was thirteen; it's highly unlikely she had SRS at such a young age without her parents' support.

She made a comment making fun of letting kids transition:

And criticizes r/AHS SJWs:

That second post you listed is very likely another satirical joke about SJWs.

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"I self identify as gender-fluid. Specifically, when I see a good looking woman and find out she's a lesbian, I suddenly feel like a woman. I then explain to her that I'm not just gender-fluid, I'm also transracial, specifically I am transIndian, which makes me a Person of Colour. If she then refuses to sleep with me, she is not just a TERF, but also racist and thus officially a worse person than J. K Rowling.

Sometimes when visiting lesbian bars in Tel Aviv I dress up like a Nazi. This is not racist, it is simply part of my sadomasochistic sexual identity and a way for Hindu transindians like me to reappropriate the swastika after the Nazi's culturally appropriated our symbols. People sometimes kink-shame me for this (it's 2021 and kinkshaming people still happens, it's sad, I know), so I then tell them to cancel themselves."


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This is one-hundred-percent a joke account LOL.

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Do you have any proof she's trans?

When a female makes the following comment of : "Lesbians need to unlearn their pussy fetish and fuck transwomen. Sexual preference can be unlearned and its vital to make transwomen feel valid.", the odds are pretty darned good that we are listening to a male to female trans. yep.

i am pretty sure about this. I could be wrong, but i doubt it.

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I don't think they were saying that unironically — and besides, that ain't better evidence than having a vagina at the age of thirteen, without any kind of parental support.

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"Lesbians need to unlearn their pussy fetish and fuck transwomen. Sexual preference can be unlearned and its vital to make transwomen feel valid."

And incel subs are banned and censored on reddit for much less than that.

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also, aside from the fact that you are actually a trans person, i do want to remind you that i am a recognized expert on these sort of things.

just saying..

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I still need a source, if you want me to believe you. (Unless this is a joke and it's going over my head.)

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my source is invisible. the source operates inside of a place. he almost never comes out, and when he does it is only for a brief moment. He rarely speaks to anyone.

you see, this is beyond my control and is perhaps slightly above my pay grade.

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the original reddit post here:

the majority of the religion focused forums on reddit are dominated by transgenders that come in and post horrible stories that make that religion look crazy.

fuck happy pride month.

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OP is another example of an Islamophobic transphobic TERF.

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the word transphobic is a joke.

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Denying transphobia is transphobic, as is continuing to believe in the myth of byolawjikkle secks.

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yeah, whatever... but hey, check this out... i grew up in the country and i dont know if i was raised as a bigot or whatever, but i get kinda confused when my girlfriend has a bigger dick than i do.

other than that, i am probably not transphobic.