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A Bot posting over EIGHT subs, all showing equal upvotes. Classic Bot behavior.

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Nah. He's real. He uploads a lot of personally made short clips on Youtube. I like his content and he's really knowledgeable. The bots or trolls or shills are upvoting non-controversial content here to drown out the controversial posts.

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I now see the error of my ways.

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love you

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After sending you the nasty messages, I realized you may be someone I and many others know and miss. UA? If so, a thousand apologies. I'm sure you know that saidit has changed tremendously in the last few months. The change has caused me to go into defensive/attack mode and I do not like myself when I get that way. Some of the new people are clearly trying to destroy or neuter saidit because we had a peaceful and somewhat enlightened community and they hate us for that. Again, I hope you will excuse me and grace us with more frequent appearances.

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I'm not sure what to do about the attacks, or even how to understand what they are trying to accomplish. They are here to disrupt, but there does seem to be some kind of personal mission going on. If it is not a paid group of actors, it will fade away at some point. Don't let it get you worked up.

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Well, on saidit, until the most recent huge wave of new users, there was very little conflict. I've never experienced that before except maybe on where everyone hates the same ethnic groups and any user if you are more than two clicks to the left of Adolf is an outcast. Now saidit has lots of trolls (some paid I'm sure), bots who seem to be working at trivializing content by telling us what Kim Kardasian, and other fashion victims, are wearing this week. Finally there are those who insist on telling us just how we should feel about each new category of sex and gender that opens up. The user who posted about beavers was someone I knew and liked under a different name and was sincerely trying to help so I way overreacted. But I'm wenging about my personal problems and will try to lighten up.

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Glad to see you're back, but you're not allowed more than three cross-posts here.

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thanks, I am really bad at rules. Trust me, I can't even read between lines right.

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Please limit yourself to 3 of the same post or else we will ban you for spam.