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Looks like everything is removed when I click that link. This site has been going downhill for awhile. People say "make the site what you want" blah blah blah, but these people who are active it seems like just cause they have different viewpoints they are getting singled out. Jason was an active dude, granted his stuff wasn't always what I agreed with or thought relevant but the point is he was trying. Its sad to see a "free speech" website being so heavily moderated at this point. And honestly this crap is boring it's like a fake TV drama or some shit. Like don't you people have lives outside this website? This crap is getting lame. The only things on the front page are adds and products. There is hardly even any relevant info on this site anymore it's all spam and you can dudes who are posting original content? It's laughable. This comment isn't specifically for you cqtz or anything, just venting.

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