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Thank you for posting this. Where we spend our money (=the storage of our personal energy) is far more important than the spectacle of a "vote" put on periodically.

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Not a place, but a couple US companies. Lasko makes really good fans, I get about 8 years of continuous run time out of a $20 fan, and that was probably just a (sadly nonreplaceable) fuse going.

And Barbasol is the best shaving cream you can buy, and it's super cheap.

You can buy both at Walmart, although that place isn't exactly known for American goods obviously.

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Lasko's are good, but some of their stuff has gotten, well, "flimsier?" in the past few years. I'm guessing to stay financially competitive with the made-in-China group. Still worth buying because the competition in that price range is low quality.

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The fan I just bought to replace the 8yr old one is identical. I think maybe 20 years ago the stamped metal was thicker.

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Really? We just bought a second fan and it has thinner materials than the one that is 5 years old. Then again, maybe we didn't get the first one from Walmart and Lasko makes a cheaper version for Walmart than it sells elsewhere. When I was in school, I worked for a major clothing manufacturer and Walmart told them what they were going to pay wholesale for their underwear. Walmart said, "take what we offer or we'll pull all of your products from our stores". Of course they folded since, even though it hurt their bottom line, without Walmart they were going to take an even bigger hit.

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Yeah, Costco does that too. Maybe that was it.

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Excellent list. Also:

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