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This is a draft from Wikipedia (copied 2018-11-05) where this topic had been previously deleted (censored) between 2017-08-07 and 2018-04-23: I know nothing more beyond that about IOTA. Looks like it's still denied an article:

Feel free to join InfoGalactic and improve that article, or share it in /s/InfoGalactic (ping me) and I can update it. Also, I've been meaning to expand WikiSpooks to include alternatives and solutions, including tech.

You've planted a seed in my mind, though I'm still unclear if it's what you intended.

I've only just imagined this, so I haven't considered many ramifications, pros, cons, etc.

Imagine a forum where you pay your 2 cents to post something. Those who like or dislike it pay 2 cents. Comments are 2 cents. Obviously this excludes some and billionaires won't be limited, but there might be something to this, obviously different than what you've shared.