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There's a major difference between how Democratic Presidents act in office and how literal Communists controlled by the CCP act on the Internet. Even then it isn't about strength, but rather who controls the website. Moderators get to control which group dominates, and it's usually the left.

Honestly, both parties have been weak since the Roosevelts. The reason establishment Republicans hate Trump so much is precisely because he's aggressive; the GOP isn't supposed to do anything, their job is to keep the Democrats from doing anything.

The Democrats's job is to either offer legislation people like so it can be struck-down by the GOP or to propose "compromises" that people don't like, but will allow them to ignore the issue for years. That's why establishment Democrats didn't like Bernie: he wanted to actually get stuff done.

Trump and Bernie are both pretty weak, though. Trump couldn't even ban a Chinese spy-ware app (TikTok), and Bernie didn't even make demands when he dropped out and endorsed Biden.