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, but you need to act on it so that it doesn't affect you.

I'm trying to reach the normies. Im just preaching to the choir here, we all know whats going on here.

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probably a bad idea if doing it on fb with your real name. If on reddit keep a bunch of fake names and then just post a fact then don't worry about the replies or if you are banned. If you are banned who cares, go to another name. The point is to wake up normies and reddit is full of lurkers that hardly ever post and just read. You see a lot of people posting facts when you sort by controversial and yeah they're often banned.

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I'm trying to reach the normies

IRL, face to face is the way to go.

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    Facebook is a walled garden,

    upon which, from my Overton window, I see leaves of wisdom and freedom lifelessly blown away.

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      I was being semi-silly while also serious, poetically juxtaposing your superlative description of Facebook as a "walled garden" against the concept of the Overton window.

      "Garden" sounds luxurious and peaceful. IMO, Facebook is like a modern mind-prison boob-tube, but stupider - akin to gladiators in the circus where it's supposed to be fun but really it's traumatic.

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        Everything is political, and those with power (technocracy) most of all.

        Yes. The prissy bitches used to be fringe and far outside the Overton window, that now includes them - prominently. You'd understand that if you'd read any of the links


        I looked this up for you if you don't like reading: