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A 100% such a person with terrible grammar could get multiple degrees.

Just tell your tutors what they want to hear and get great grades.

There are even whole branches of post modernisation and philosophy where none of the papers make logical sense at all but they add a few long words in to make it look like it's hard to understand because it's just too intelligent.

I mean business leaders come out moaning how terrible the basic literacy and numeracy standards of graduates are every couple of months.

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did you actually watch the first few minutes of the video? or did you just read my post and take a shot at answering?

would somebody please watch at least the first four or five minutes of the video and then give to me an educated opinion as to whether or not this guy is a "multiple masters degree" caliber of person or not?

i am betting that he is just simply a fraud that has no degree at all..

he doesnt know how ghetto he really sounds, he doesnt get it.

if he had actually gone thru a masters degree program, he would have had to study english grammar and therefore he would know how to speak more properly.

help me out with this, please?

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Okay, so I watched about 120 seconds of the video, enough to hear him speak. But it doesn't matter.

I have a masters degree in a technical science, and my department was actually pretty solid, mostly intelligent people doing their best to solve complex problems. That said, even in what I consider a very grounded department, I witnessed some of the most pathetic thinking I have ever seen in my life. In particular I am thinking of a formal scientific talk given by a graduate student (who went on to receive a PhD) to the faculty that was frankly embarrassing. He was rightly torn apart in the questions period. My advisor said to me after it was done, "Don't ever do that to me. Ever." As I say, that guy went on to become a PhD.

And this was at a relatively solid department. Beyond that, remember that diploma mills are a thing. They do exist. There are schools which exist to graduate students, and the more students they graduate, the more funding they get.

Combine that with the out of control push for "equity", which is to say a certain percentage of students must come from certain racial, ethnic, gender backgrounds, and I find it entirely believable that this guy has multiple masters degrees.

"Higher" education no longer means much. Education made a fork into indoctrination post world war II, and here we are 80 years later. Some good work is still coming out, but less and less. Meanwhile, the number of people like this guy being released into the world spouting about social "science" which is really just jargon-laden bullshit is frankly shocking.

But that doesn't mean he hasn't received degrees. It just means you shouldn't give people with "degrees" any more credence than anyone else. As you are doing, judge them based on content rather than the letters after their name. You are practicing the now heretical act of critical thinking. Soon you will be imprisoned for this. Congratulations.

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i successfully completed the eighth grade and i can hold up more of an intelligent conversation that he can any day of the week.

obama, even tho i really do not like him and i think he is a bit plastic, obama is a wonderful speaker, that boy could talk me outta my panties monday thru sunday..

but the young man in this video, expecially when he is claiming to be a superstar debate team member, that is a good time to lose the ghetto bullshit and its really a good time to lose the very poor grammar that he slings around.

for lack of better words, he speaks like a typical uneducated ghetto nigger.

i do not believe that he was any kind of a superstar on any debate team at UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA.

is university of oklahoma a major university?

that boy couldnt talk his way out of a wet paper bag.

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I think there is one person with usernames like N8, N9 and JasonCarsweIl. Notice that the last two letters of Jason's name are wrong. A few days ago M7 was being criticized for being heavy-handed with banning people and now this character is saying he is not banning fast enough. Someone is trying to stir up trouble on this site and I would welcome their being banned.

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so, can nobody take the time to answer my question from this thread? it should not take more than a few moments of your precious lives, lol..

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    i really appreciate your answer, tho i dont think that i am smart enough to fully appreciate your answer..

    it is my opinion that the only code that that young man knows is bullshit and ghetto blabber talk.

    no kidding, i think he is entirely a fake, i dont think that he could produce transcripts to prove his education.

    i think he is all smoke and no mirrors.

    thank you kindly for your response.

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    I knew nothing of the dude before watching the vid you posted so I really can't judge him. He may have been lying. I just wanted to say that code shifting is normal, we all do it, and it does not necessarily make him a fake based on the little I know. It sounded as if he was floundering around trying to find the right code to use with the interviewers. —— I don't think a college diploma meant all that much in the past and nowadays it means pretty much nothing. I met a retired bus driver from BC a few years ago and was sure he was a professor until he set me straight days later.

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    let me rephrase this a bit... i am a beginner student pilot.. i only have maybe forty or fifty hours of time behind the wheel of the small cessnas, etc.. so, i am a complete novice as a pilot.. if i were to talk shite to people and i were to tell them that i am some kind of super pilot, inexperienced pilots might believe my words... but, an experienced commercial pilot would be able to listen to me for two minutes and he would know that i am talking bullshit.

    when i listen to this young man in the video as he claims to be an experiencec "debate" pro, it is obvious to me that he is talking shit.. as i stated, i am not well educated formally, but i have been around many people that are at the masters and phd level and he does not even speak the same language that they speak.

    i am saying that he is bullshitting, and i am very confident of this.

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    I think you may very well be right. I was trying to be fair, but he and that show, that I watched only ten minutes or so of, may be more of the bullshit that has been flooding saidit for a few weeks now—but I'm not about to leave. One of the tells is that he did not say (I believe) what his two graduate degrees were in and it only takes a couple of seconds.

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    the interesting part of the video is the host, NIKKINOO, she is the world's most dedicated ass kissing democrat.. a few weird details about her.. she claims to have a husband, but we never see him, and she has a gay rainbow flag in the background all the time.. notice in the video how nikkinoo and the bearded man on the left are so suckup'ish to the black man in the video..

    the black guy in the video, he could spit turds out of his mouth and nikkinoo would ooh and aah..

    i really have never liked racism, but i only know one way to describe him, he talks like an unedumatated nigga from the hood that aint never cracked open no books. His english grammar is NOT the grammar of someone that has a masters degree in ANYTHING. i dont have a college degree in anything, and my writing shows it plainly.. but the black man in the video claims to have more than one masters degrees? correct me if i am wrong, but no matter which university you go to and no matter what your degree is in, YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE CLASSES IN ENGLISH WRITING AND SPEAKING.

    he talks like a stupid nigger from the ghetto that aint never owned no books.

    thank you.

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      this kind of bullshit should be banned and quick.. there should always be people present to shitcan bullshit like this poster..

      he is not responding to the topic, he is instead intending to turn the topic into a clusterfuck.

      fuck you firstamendment.

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      I ban this bot 10 times a day bro

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      perhaps you and i could do a little consultation about these problems.

      the first thing that needs to happen is that we need to devise a script that implements a quarantine for new users.

      we just need a list of users that are NOT in quarantine status, ok? and then we need a standard userscript that operates on your pc (m7's) that does a couple of things:

      1) allow quarantined users to post in lets say /s/newusers

      2) quarantined users that try to post in any other sub get their post automatically hidden.

      3) non-quarantined users would make it a habit to frequently read the posts in the new users sub, and then when you are confident that they are not abusive users, then add them to the not quarantined list.

      that should eliminate 99.99% of the problem.

      let me know if i can be of assistance.

      update: wanna hear my great idea about how to manage the quarantine list?

      okay, i will explain it then, since you have insisted..

      we make a forum called /s/qlist or whatever...

      and then we have the ability to "restrict submissions" to that sub.. and we have the ability to add moderators to that sub..

      lets say that we create a thread in that sub (/s/qlist) and somehow we devise a system where the moderators can just add a name to that thread then you are out of quarantine..

      something like that, right?

      i say fuck these trouble maker bitches, lets nip this shit in the bud..

      lets get bizzy.

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      So create a whitelist? It's not a terrible idea but it really limits new users, which would keep the site from growing. I kind of do like the idea of a quarantined space for new users, a testing ground, but who then gets to decide if they're "real" enough to get out of this quarantined space? And don't you think the trolls will play nice for a bit in order to get around this restriction?

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      who gets to decide? can you honestly say that you cant make a list of your current users that you think highly enough of that they are able to tell if someone is a spammer or a trouble maker? i could make that list in about two minutes..

      dont i think that trolls will behave until they get unquarantined? i am going to say this with respect that i dont think that you really appreciate the value of a think tank.. A think tank, at the most basic level, is a group of people that discuss things and they all share the common goal of seeking success for the think tank. thats not a bad description of a think tank, coming from an eighth grade dropout, is it?

      keep in mind that my system of quarantining needs to be put before the think tank and that my description of the quarantining system was just a rough draft, the final quarantining system would be a finely tuned system that would be fully and properly defined by the think tank.

      users that register here and are quarantined would appreciate that you must earn your privilege to post here.

      users that behave well during quarantine could always be put back into quarantine.

      with all respect, mr magnora7, you have done a fine job of getting this forum running, but you dont trust any of your users, do you?

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      One of my black college roommates would "talk white" when he was conversing with me, but drop into African American vernacular among his black friends. I told him he sounded like a thug, he said I was racist. Great guy though, I went to his wedding. Smart too. He programs trains! How awesome is that.

      I watched the first 3 minutes. The degrees are in things like African American studies. Liberal educations. I almost graduated with a psychology minor by accident. Not as impressive as STEM fields.