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because so many are unhappy with the mainstream social medai, it is only a matter of time before a new form of social media will emerge.

what we need is a form of communications that does not have a central hub that can delete us and censor us.. maybe something along the lines of tor, but different, something that is not controlled by a single company..

we all have sms text messaging and we all have internet connectivity on our phones.. what if somebody were to create a decentralized network(similar to tor) that operated from phone to phone with multiple phones that are setup as servers, similar to tor?

and hey, maybe dont set this up with profit as your motivation.. like tor..

no central website like twitter or facebook that has the power to ban or censor you.

to get onto the network, you only need an invite from another current user perhaps.

fuck twitter. fk facebook. fuck google.

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I hope you're right. I have seen that anytime a new way of delivering information is invented, profiteers and government (they usually work together in symbiosis) find a way to control it to their benefit.

"Those who control the information control the people" - George Orwell in Animal Farm.

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A project like this should be see as something that would be a gift to all of humanity, as something that would solve the problem of unwanted censorship.

in the future, censoring will only be done by individuals that get to decide what they want to read or do not want to read and they will be able to decide who they want to communicate with, and only they will have the ability to block a person if that person is found to be undesirable..

it would not be that terribly difficult to completely reproduce what google and facefuck and twatter do, rendering all three of them obsolete and soon bankrupt.

an email system could be setup in a decentralized system like i have described.

hint: now that the cat is out of the bag, there will be many that will try to make this, but one system or maybe a few systems will become the dominant decentralized networks... similar to how we have bitcoin and litecoin and shitcoin, etc... different networks for different folks.

all three of the major social media networks could be reproduced into a decentralized app.. the app should not be hosted on any fixed website, but instead it should be hosted on mirrored sites that sit on multiple phones..

this would be quite a fantastic project...

i hate twitter and facefuck and google.

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somehow a peer to peer style social network where your info and content is stored locally?

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Made an account just so I could label this 'insightful'.

However, I do have an issue with your second to last bulletin. I do check my shit every day time I take a dump.

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When I was stuck in Central London on 7/7 twitter was the only place we could get accurate info to help us get home.

The MSM had been hamstrung by the government and was completely issues l useless.

This is it's main benefit, people can tell the truth in the moment. It might get deleted later but they can't stop that instantly, worldwide communication.

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Regardless of their politics, I could never understand tge appeal of twitter. Facebook is at least your friends. Reddit is discussion in context. Twitter seems like opening your front door and shouting your opinions at no one in particular.

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This I agree with. I'm only there to engage with occasional friend or associate.

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I've never used twitter. I dont think i ever understood the point of twitter or instagram. You can post short messages and photos on facebook. I recently deactivated my facebook account because it's mostly just people sharing propaganda and arguing with eachother. I originally started using it to share photos with friends and family, but it's not worth sifting through all the hate.

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I've never even had an account. I think peopel who were online and avid surfers never needed a twitter. Community forums were ubiquitous and so were chats even back then (before SM, in 90's and 00's). The format was basically realtime or long form posts. Twitter became the platform for normal people that used to be the ones making fun of nerds for using trhe computer too much. Now everyone is online, and those character limitations have really destroyed the flow of conversations online. There is no need for that limiting format, tweeting an essay via 20 tweets is silly! We need to go back to community forums and realtime chats but now with some features like following users, which was not a feature back then.

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I love Twitter! Why stop using it? 🙄

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well, fuck me running, you love twitter? why dont you go visit your assbuddy dorsey and get the fuck outta here...

dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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I use both 🥰

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Perfect response, Poofter. Me too.

(PeterBuilt's posts often indicate that he/she is obsessed with male on male sex, asses, penises &c. But very good of you not to encourage him/her.)

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socks is not a fag.

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On Saidit I've learned that I am so much more, that I'm a faggot-Chinese-bot-Jew-fascist-troll-liberal(!)-commie. But obsessed with peters I am not.

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No. This user's exclusively here to antagonize.

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Poofter's awesome.

I might not love Twitter, but it and other social media (FB, Insta &c) are useful means of staying in-touch with friends and famliy who prefer one or more these various social media sites.

In answer to:

But I talk to my friends on there - Why would you use Twitter for that? Use a private messaging app like Threema or Session.

My friends and family have no idea what Threema or Session are and are not likely to want to use them. I'm also not annoyed by Twitter, even if I don't have much use for it, other than to stay in-touch with a few people.

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Yeah! Never had any trouble with it :)

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Because twitter is for fags.

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Ok and?

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Absolutely true. Occasionally, I would like to post alt-right things just to bother normies, but it's a fleeting feeling. Ultimately, I'm not missing much of anything.

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Never used Twitter, never did. I don't really get the appeal of it. It's like a forum... But less useful.

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the aggregate information is still on twitter btw, that's the fact you can't change easily. note : I'm neutral to whether twitler exist or die. But if you can still using it, why not?

try using alt social media for once, can't get content I want. Again the aggregate information is still there.

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No need to go to this much trouble to hate, or not use, or complain about Twitter, /u/christnmusicreleases, as you use unnecessary arguments here that are more informative of your personal aggression (as if you have another agenda) than anything related to Twitter. If you don't like Twitter, you don't have to use it, and you don't have to shout from the rooftops how much you hate Twitter. Did you like Twitter when FuckfaceVonClownstick repeated daily lies and incitements to violence and hatred on it?

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About 10 years ago there was a parody about twitter, where people were just talking in extremely short sentences.
In that sketch there was a trial where the company was accused for making people dumber.
Seems very similar to how twitter and facebook has made us dumb.
Could not find it since. Maybe twitter did not like it.

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I'd say we should use any tool we are given.Twitter is a great place to promote and reach out to others. Mainstream sites like twitter have enough support from the left and apolitical folk to sustain itself.They want us to mass exodus.Of course we should set up and build alternative platforms but we'd be throwing away an arena for nothing.

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"Get some real hobbies" LOL that's the rationale, everybody!