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About the pregnant ladies in the rack...

Cows are so unbothered by being milked that they come in voluntarily and shove their faces into the feed trough while it's being done. And that's in industrial scale dairy. I doubt human females could be conditioned into that.

Small scale farmers all over the planet still do it by hand. If it pissed off the cow... Well they'd know and regret it.

Upset a cow and milk production drops. Stress fucks up the yield. All old farmers know if this.

Also: humans don't wander around naked routinely, and breasts are involved in our sexual arousal process. Cows are also not force-fed during milking.

The only thing a cow udder is for as far as a cow is concerned is for squirting out milk.

It just looks like weird hentai porn.

As to the sushi and meat eating panels: pigs have eaten people before and fish eat fish.

Animals exploit the hell out of other animals as food sources. Even many herbivores will make a point of stomping on and eating small animals. Plenty of YouTube footage of this.

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somewhat interesting, but lame to put the 'nakedest' image to lure people in.