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Then in 100 years, some asshole decides undo his life's work in about a month.

Sorry, but dedicating one's life to planting trees on behalf of humanity is a worthless albeit valiant endeavor. This is the responsibility of someone with the resources to work efficiently (read: the government).

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This is the responsibility of someone with the resources to work efficiently (read: the government).

That's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one.

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I will clarify for you. One person planting trees by hand can't possibly compare in efficiency to someone with the capital to buy machinery to do the same job. The government would allocate the money to accomplish the goal in the same manner that the government allocates money to research-related goals.

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Allocate = take from more productive tasks

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Point taken. A lot of people think the military is not a very productive task though.

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It is also the most wasteful and one of the biggest polluters.

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F the military.

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Military based on defense of people and country is fine with me. However, they must not disturb peacetime, which in today's world is to be prevented by criminals via "strategy of Tension" because the real enemies are the government who pander to the well places scum at the top. Many soldiers I have met are great people. It is when a country becomes empire that the military becomes the mafia of the banks and corporations.

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True. The military would be nothing without the banks, corporations, AND the deep state and their secret shit.

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Not when it's defending another particular country, or just out doing who the hell knows what. But I really was referring to it being taken from those who created the wealth in the first place, the taxpayers. They would have put it to a more productive use than it being used to plant trees.

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but there's no money in it!

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I had tree-planter friends growing up and in college/university.

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yeah, to clarify, nobody in govt. is looking for pointless(to them) projects that have no immediate returns. unless, the official can funnel funds into a cronies business of some sort.

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Ray Kurzweil, prophet of The Singularity Is Near, goes on and on about how great technology is and will be.

Sure (ignoring all the nefarious uses for tech), but if there's no money in it there's never going to be a technology that will clean up the oceans and beaches, much less all the toxic shit everywhere. MUCH worse in 3rd world nations.

At least trees are a kind of crop.

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if you'd like to talk about a singularity, i remember it had already passed. those who control 'great technology' want to profit from it, even when using tax dollars to research that tech. ever hear of holographic cd? how about storage chips that last for a hundred years? those is power want to make money on tech from 20 years ago still. look at automotive. there's still oil in the ground and (((they're))) making billions(some from subsidies) from it still. why release new tech when billions are still being made from tech from 100 years ago?

there already is tech cleaning up the oceans. there's a kid who invented a device that is cleaning plastic from the ocean. i remember kevin costner(with his brother, i think) made a device to clean oil spills from ocean. personally, i think the ocean pollution is just another manufactured calamity that govt. is going to use to create more taxes to steal more money from the common people. just like the scare of 'global warming' which back in the 1980's was an ice age scare, and before that the world was going to run out of oil. all to make govt seem relevant.

At least trees are a kind of crop.

i'm not sure how to answer that, your post bounces around to different subjects.

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I don't think we're talking about the same Singularity.

Ray's 2006 book predicted the A.I./robotics, nanotech, and biotech merge for 2040-2050, and thereafter all bets are off.

I would hope the A.I. decides that the ruling class are more than dead weight but parasites who need swatting.

Maybe you're thinking of peak oil or something?

That kid is great, but it's not nearly enough, nor will any "good will" from billionaires. I have skepticism for all things, so perhaps the ocean death is a manufactured fear. Certainly it's possible to find extreme cases of pollution, but IMO, it's fucking everywhere, not rare. The rare exception is a naturally clean beach.

I agree, quit with the taxes for stuff we don't have a vote or say on. But they don't ask us for our opinion.

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Doesn't the lumber industry plant all the trees it harvests? I don't think the world is lacking in trees. This isn't ferngully or avatar. There is no shortage.

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By "the lumber industry," you probably mean the US lumber industry. That's about as naive as opposing slave labor then importing most of your textiles and apparel from foreign country.

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Pretty sure the US gets most of its lumber from Canada, which grows sustainable pine.

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Good one.

It doesn't help that there's also the pine beetle problem.

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Thanks. I'm glad someone can appreciate humor.

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Trump: "We need a place to dump garbage."

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I love this!

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/u/Jesus should see The Man Who Planted Trees.

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Is it on netflix?

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Two comments up. Also, did you see the Forest Man mini-doc? Read the rest of the comments: /s/whatever/comments/6bwl/almost_40_years_ago_a_16yearold_started_planting/

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Mini-documentary: Forest Man (16:34) ~ William D McMaster, 2014-06-13

Since the 1970's Majuli islander Jadav Payeng has been planting trees in order to save his island. To date he has single handedly planted a forest larger than Central Park NYC. His forest has transformed what was once a barren wasteland, into a lush oasis.

Humble yet passionate and philosophical about his work. Payeng takes us on a journey into his incredible forest.

A co-production between:
Polygon Window Productions:
Title Media:

Download the original soundtrack by Mike Ritchie:

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Ever time I post something I'm planting seeds of ideas.