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It's so funny how obsessed they are with all white people, jealous much? And I'm in the group they are obsessed over and I don't even care about them at ALL. My few experiences having to deal with blacks have been wholly negative and I have found them all to be OBSESSED with race and racist against whites, so I don't bother giving them the time of day. It's so weird living in a country that expects me to continue putting myself in harm's way - I've already figured out they hate me, yet they are the only group where I'm definitely expected to continue catering to my abuser.

I don't even think about them despite that I'm sure they all think about whites all the time. Not even the stupid BLM crap put them in my head very long. I live in an extremely white area where I don't even have to look at them.

It's also funny that they think they're the superior standard for humans. Then why do they hate their hair so much and need to spend hours each day trying to get it straight? It sure as fuck isn't because whites don't like it. And nobody really wants flat, huge noses and ginormous lips. They look like mutants more than anybody.

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And nobody really wants flat, huge noses and ginormous lip

Exactly! I'm so happy have African DNA that comes along with nicer and finer facial features. Missed a bullet xD

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So your East African or North African? Most black people with huge, flat noses, and ginormous lips are the Congoloids if I remember correctly.

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North African here, Egyptian mainly. If it counts though

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    Robin Diangelo is Italian American - and a race grifter worth 60 million.

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    Diangelo isnt the problem. Its the Jewish power structure that promotes people like her. Her mentors were all Jewish, but why do yourself what you can get stupid goys to do for u. And there will always be stupid self hating goy grifters like diangelo to amplify and promote your message.

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    "White Fragility" is a book written by a leftist-globalist crusader

    Also is mandatory reading in several school districts IIRC

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    This has been an ongoing theme for over 100 years ever since Bolshevism


    Racial conflict between Bantu and Indo-Europeans was inevitable. Remove the Bolshevism and Jews completely and there is still conflict.

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    Jews intentionally agitate Blacks and promote black victimhood while using their media power to cancel and censor whites. Blacks are the weapons, whites are the target. The end goal is to push the overton window on white self hatred and surrender.

    Without Jews in the equation the conflict would be nothing more than a minor nuisance for whites, instead it results in mass riots, chaos, our cities being reduced to dysfunctional shitholes where whites cant live, and the worst aspects of black dysfunction being promoted by a Jewish controlled media/entertainment complex, thereby infecting the rest of society with this social pathology.

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    I never like the whole anti-white mindset either, because it seems pretty one sided and petty, I understand hating white supremacists but believing that all white people are the spawn of satan, yep. That's just making a petty generalization. And I'm guilty of making generalizations too, but at least I try to stop doing that from time to time. And this is a black woman saying this.

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    Concerning the "I never liked x because of white supremacists": there's a categorization problem with that. Some would say racial supremacy is enslavement (think 19th century Democrats), some would say is legal prejudice against free peoples (again, 20th century Democrats), others would say it is any advocacy of structure among power at all (21st century Democrats).

    When everyone is guilty of the latter category in some way, you get the whole 'everyone is racist' nonsense. Ironically, even the unapologetic neo nazis don't really argue for the first category. So that really means it's just people bickering about where in the spectrum they should fall (and therefore others shouldn't) among societies' responses to unequal issues in the real world. Or you could take the pure conservative approach of going full color blind and taking every single action necessary regardless of its unequal repercussions even when it enrages basically everyone else. Like, only allowing immigration from historically connected countries proven to assimilate well without regard to racial effects. And when that results in only white immigration, just ignoring everyone reacting emotionally. Good luck ignoring the shriekers.

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    it's all part of the globalist cultural subversion happening across the world; all these new pseudo feminist/gender/race movements are not organic and do not care about the people they supposedly represent

    blm will not use soros' money for schools or helping neglected black communities

    psyop fake lgtb+ movements restructuring our speech and thoughts... people really can't see through this? same as with the dumb idea that you have to be a communist if you want to be a feminist, gender or race activist

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    I partially agree with what you said but to say Black people are dangerous to civilization is retarded af

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    If US could remove all of its blacks in 1900 (repatriate into Africa, let's say), with the money saved it could literally buy every single country in the world their own International Space Station program from start to finish and still have a lot of money left. Do you seriously think that's not a large hindrance? Do you not realise we're about 5 years away from a crisis which could've been prevented peacefully in 1970? Do you realise there are no more "good" solutions left? Do you understand, that with such a crash we may forever be stranded on this Earth due to how much initial energy investment oil extraction now requires after all the easy wells are drained? Can you grasp the fact, that without a heavy space industry humanity is forever at the mercy of cosmic events, be it asteroids, gamma rays or our Sun heating up and frying us alive, which we could prevent?

    Are you seriously going to tell me our civilization and its future potential are not threatened?

    Yes, you could attribute the same crippling influence to gay interventionist wars, global subversion, bank bailouts, etc, but blacks are an undeniable part of it too.

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      No, you fucking moron, whites are on average a net $220k benefit to the budget. Where do you think the money is coming from you unbelievable retard

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        Well hey, maybe the locals should've invented horseback riding and gunpowder or something, also should've toned down that human sacrifice and cannibalism thingy they were very happily and prolifically doing to each other since at least 990AD or 400BW (before whitey) if they wanted to remain untouched. Or did you think there was world peace all throughout America before da yte devil came in? Lmao

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        maybe native americans should have built a wall

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          Good thing white supremacists literally have to do nothing for the system to collapse then

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            go back to africa

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            Fuck you for defending genocide. Fuck. You.

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            Remove all the whites and you have Africa. Look how well that's working for them over there. Blacks live off of white tax dollars by and large. Or do you think food stamps and welfare and Medicaid are magic?

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            Don't worry. The secret societies are already colonizing space and leaving the rest of us goytards behind on earth.

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            I highly doubt that tbf, I'm more inclined to believe their greed has blinded them to what's coming

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            greed doesn't make people stupid

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            "Outer space" is science fiction.

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            prove it you dumb fag.

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            I'm not here to spoonfeed you.

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            Then stop going around filling peoples inboxes with shit that has nothing to do with the discussion, without even showing some evidence. You little bitch.

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            OK chicken little

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            You can't be fucking serious lmao

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            Okay you've said some damning things about ENTIRE race with no context whatsoever.

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            Reread. Since OP is black, it can't be universal. Instead there's a lot of anti-SJW in here, but aimed at 'black spaces.' There's plenty of context here to me: 'theory of mind' etc is very common in academia.

            But, then again it might just be me being really good at reading between the lines.

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            I think it's quite common and not at all damning for a group with some shared identity to say mean things about other groups when they are all together without fear of being overheard. It's not really a black people thing. It's a people thing.

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            That sounds a lot like the jews.

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            you want to do something for the whites? go back to your "black spaces" and educate them about the jews.

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            Obligatory jews aren't white? Still not sure how I feel about that.

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            Well then you can't be putting much effort in, can you? How about you start by image searching "my fellow white people"

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            Maybe. But thanks for that. Here's the best example (low res pics even in the original can be too hard to read) of what I found.


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            Its a start. Can't help but feel you're being disingenuous though. There's tons of results of Jews using it to spew racist rhetoric about whites being the root of all evil then when confronted they say "I'm not white, I'm jewish"

            And you pick the most innocuous sounding thing...


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            Your feelings are off. I am just bad at searching. Feel free to read my admittedly confusing and all over the place post history. I explained why I picked what I did. I did see that one, but it didn't seem to be a very good example and I was right. I was, in fact, being charitable to your position.

            The reason why what you provided was weaker was the very few of those actually attacked white people in the 'I'm jewish" part. It was just leftism followed by judiasm. That's a far weaker connection than, "I get to attack separate white people because I'm jewish," which is what I was hoping to see. I'm sure you can find better examples, though. I will, of course, look at them.

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            We aren't. Everyone knows this.

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            More are becoming aware, but it is definitely not common knowledge

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            having more melanin is a weakness. See 'Sickle Cell Anemia'.

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            Obligatory immunity from malaria reference.

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            I'm immune from malaria too - I don't live in a fucking jungle!

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            Touche, but that's thanks to the miracle of DDT, which leftists cut before it could be used elsewhere because of a bird egg shell hoax.

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            that's an excellent point too.

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            I dont blame blacks. I blame the media led by you know who. Blacks act this way because the media doesnt just tolerate it, they encourage it. They could shut much of it down tomorrow if they didnt want it.

            Case in point a black celebrity or athlete complains about Jews, they are trashed and cancelled instantly. That sends a message to blacks that it wont be tolerated. The exact opposite happens when they trash whites. Yes some blacks still bitch about jews and lash out, and you would still see the same thing with whites, but right now blacks are rewarded for anti white behavior.

            This wont change as long as jews control the media and entertainment industries and whites are not allowed to lobby on their behalf. Whites need to stop asking permission and approval and just do it. This will likely happen eventually when our economy collapses and virtue signalling is no longer a luxury we can afford.

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            They've broken down the psychology of whites to their most basic components and are currently using these demonic strategies to DESTROY America from the inside out. What? White people will die in the process?

            If "white society" or "white America" can't withstand the pressure, "we" don't deserve to exist. Ever since the first people gathered together, we've been in various stages of cold and hot culture war.

            It's realsociodarwinism.

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            Ah, the might makes right philosophy. You know that that's where the left is taking us. It always ends at the barrel of a gun.

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              I think it's the obligation of everyone adhering to a specific culture to fight for it's survival, perhaps even for it's prosperity. But I also think a lot of westerners don't adhere to the modern western philosophy but is merely accepting it.

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              Well, if one examines the historical record in majority African countries, one concludes it's unlikely to improve without the reimposition of slavery.

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              Dark men are no threat. The only threat to humanity is your egotistical superficial nature. This site is becoming more voat like day after day thanks to you. No nuance to it. All dark men think the same, act the same, and have the same thoughts.

              Well done.

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              Anti whiteness will be the norm on everything.Just get used to it or die.

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              It’s already the norm!

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              Always fun watching the alt right criticize other people for being alt right without a shred of irony. Oh, so you don't like it when people fearmonger and make generalizations and try to persecute you over your skin color? Go figure.

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              Who'd a thought lemons could be so sour.