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War profiteers and their mindless bootlicker pawns love this and support this.

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You are correct. I do love this. And as you may put it, I am a mindless bootlicker and war profiteer. You encourage and inspire me, as that without your rhetoric of name calling and blatant miss information, I would not be capable of seeing this gaming of our nation and it's political system so clearly.

What do you want from us? To allow this rogue state to go unchallenged, to encourage the burning of federal properties? Maybe we storm a gated community and loot and kill it's residents? Instruct us ow great and wise EndlessSunflowers, tell us who we should kill in order to save us from the government and the orange man.

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Well mindless at least seems spot on

blatant miss information

Can you send pics of miss information? Is she cute? The correct term is misinformation, dude.

That being said, what exactly is the misinformation here? If you have evidence that this article is fake news then I'd like to see it.

Maybe we storm a gated community and loot and kill it's residents?

Or maybe we contact our congressman and ask them why they think it's acceptable to use spy planes on American soil to spy on American citizens.

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" spy on American citizens" who have been consistently breaking the law for months but have gone unpunished as yet.

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Because of the patriot act.

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Let's hope they are preparing to drop the Big One on that shit city

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Well, Portlans is a warzone

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Precisely. Let us look at the lead paragraph:

"WHILE ANONYMOUS FEDERAL agents have thrown protesters [read, trained, avowed Marxist rioters who have burned buildings, destroyed and stolen property and recently permanently blinded three] into unmarked vans [questioned and released them unharmed] and fired tear gas [that harms no one] at Portland’s mayor [an enemy of the state] in recent days, an Air Force surveillance plane designed to carry state-of-the-art sensors typically reserved for war zones [of which Portland is one of many in the US now] has circled the Oregon city’s outskirts from above." [Yes, above is where planes usuallly do their work.]

The Intercept is a fifth-column devisive Marxist rag with the goal of destroying the republic and installing misguided, spoiled children and senile old men as its leaders.

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Thesis: US of A's administration is testing trying to copy the Chinese government in their advancement of a more and more totalitarian surveillance state. This one will fail AGAIN, as history already has shown: in the 1980's .