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Just ignore it. It’s actually kinda fun to read because as a Jew I’m like ‘oh fuck they are onto us’ but then remember it’s just saidit and then I go to temple and control the economy and we all laugh about it.

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    We are man, why do you think that every sport is DOMINATED by Jewish athletes??

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    maybe not sports but you can't deny that the media is dominated by jews

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    No, they own a vastly disproportionate amount of sports teams too. Basketball and football

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    Don't Jews dominate in intellectual areas though? Like they're 1.7% of the US population but make up 40-48% of all billionaires.

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      how is that different from 'dominate'?

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      Domination implies superiority or excellence in a field.

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      Yeah like jews complain about white people bejng dominant in white lands?

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      Jewish are oppressed, but from who did I hear this from? From a jewish statistician!

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      Yeah man, hardcore Jews who are raised in the temple with other Jews and they fucking hammer their young with education and frugality I totally believe a large portion of billionaires are Jews.

      Do I think there is some Jewish committee deciding things top down? No, because nothing works that smoothly there are factions and splinters and all sorts of different agendas inside the Jewish community I mean look at how many Jews wanted to prosecute netenyahoo or whatever on corruption?

      People want to think life is like House of Cards

      The reality is it’s more like Veep

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      Since the Bank of Japan follows the same loose-money-damn-the-consequences policy, I'm not so sure it matters what race is running these central banks. The damn fools are setting us all up for ruin, however.

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      Many times I have looked up the Jewish percentage of the US population but the answers have been extremely vague. The explanation is usually that there are many non-practicing Jews but I think it is that TPTB wish to conceal the actual number.

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      No, they just own all the sports teams.

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      Banking isn't a sport, you lying little Joo. ;)

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      I do wish there was a normal Jewish sub here though. Wanna make one?

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      I’m off to the US army in a few weeks I wouldn’t be able to Be a responsible curator/ I know nothing about online subreddits. But someone should, r/jewdank in reddit could be pretty funny sometimes

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      Jews are the largest constituents of those most refer to as Elites/Zionists.

      And to be fair, by and large many of the more egregious social and political machinations of the past few hundred years are a product of Jewry.

      So in the end it's hard not to summise; fuck Jews.

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      This is a ridiculous lie

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      Well not really. The biggest being Communism. Now, you can either say to yourself 'yes this is because Jews are evil' which may or may not be true in any particular instance, or you might say to yourself, 'yes, this is because Jews were close to early sources of leftist infections,' which may or may not be true in any particular instance.

      Which of those explanations an individual thinks is a better fit the general picture is not very clear. It's hard to be objective about such bomb-throwing ideas and it's unlikely to find someone willing to consider both arguments, mainly because moderates knee-jerk away from fascism (which is fair, considering it's historical ties with socialism and command economies) and leftists refuse to consider the results of their ideologies even when shown the direct, well-executed causal link (#neverbeentriedbefore #notrealcommunism, etc).

      Most societal problems actually require a large amount of distributed brainpower, and the way I see it, there simply aren't enough people working on this 'problem', at least not from both sides simultaneously. For instance, I personally, have no results to show for all the digging I've had the stomach for. So I'm probably not the right person for a good answer, but I can perhaps point out why I haven't seen it presented yet.

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      Do you have a more thorough argument? Pyramid of debate, and all. Would be interesting to hear from the other side for once. It's either his type of statement is banned/removed, or it is made around people who agree. This is a unique circumstance where the comment can't be removed, so it can be debated, if you want.

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      The upvotes do not agree.

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      A tribe of eternal Dindunuffins. We dindu nuffin for 2 thousand years, why everyone hates us. Fucking normie Redditor NPC's. Zero knowledge of history, zero critical thinking skills.

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      I agree, it's annoying, but here's the deal: Any free speech platform will also be used by idiots and racists, even Ruqqus will eventually. The only way to get rid of them would be to institute censorship. Problem is, censorship doesn't stop with the people you disagree with the most. It will always spread. We have to stand on principle and just ignore/ riddicule these people. That's the best we can do, because free speech of those we disagree with is the necessary price for our freedom of speech.

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        Absolutely, though you can only refute an argument if the other person has made an argument to begin with. "X group of people suck" is not an argument that can be refuted, just a statement that should be ignored or riddiculed. Also, it gets exhausting in my opinion to have the same argument over and over again, hence the ignoring part.

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        It's a claim that can be refuted with arguments.

        Some groups of people do suck. Terrorists for one.

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        What event that happened 80 years ago are we still talking about everyday?

        Also, If I take 1 hour to cook a batch of cookies and the cookie monster has 15 ovens working 24 hours a day every day for 5 years, how long does it take the cookie monster to make 6000000 batches of cookies? 

        Also, if a drunk is kicked out of 109 bars all over the world, is it the bar owners' fault?

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        glad someone else noticed it. its the slow "voatification" of that place here. almost unstoppable. How to keep'em at bay u ask? no idea - make fun of'em perhaps? Ridicule is a strong weapon if wielded correctly. the bigest mistake in my book is: just ignore it and carry on. Point'em out - make fun and then move on w your business.

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        Jewish people have strong ingroup preferences. They prefer one another, they marry one another, they hire one another and they promote one another. The mainstream media is disproportionately Jewish compared to the US population.

        Likewise US foreign policy is skewed towards serving Israeli interests and not US interests. Why did we invade Iraq if it was such a disaster? But it was a big win for Israel. Why are we at war in Syria? What do we possibly have to gain? Nothing. But Israel benefited by seeing a rival state smashed. It's the same with this war with Iran the unelected US government keeps trying to start (but Trump won't go along with). Israel is terrified that Iran will get nuclear weapons and establish a detente in the Middle East. They much prefer to destroy anyone who is more powerful than them. Right now they are outright annexing territory like it's Poland 1939. WTF?

        Jeffrey Epstein was Jewish. Harvey Weinstein is Jewish.

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        Great points. In addition to all that, Ghislaine Maxwell is also Jewish, and her father was a spy for the Mossad.

        I encourage normies to stick around and not just dismiss these things out of hand. There's a reason so many people discuss such things, and a reason you've been conditioned not to discuss them.

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        Gaffidi was a hero.

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        Ever wonder why the media and Israel have a hardon for Iran? Check out if they have a 'central bank'.

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        The best way to "fix it" is to point out how doomed the Jewish race is. Aside from Arab Jews in Israel (who are looked down upon by the ruling caste Ashkenazi), Jews are undergoing what they are calling a "silent holocaust". Basically, cultural decay (which is often blamed on Jews) has affected Jewish individuals the most and they are outbreeding at completely unsustainable rates; not to mention low birth rates as well. So.. mechanisms described as "white genocide" are affecting Jews even harder.

        Which leads to the crux of the conversation, ask them if snapping your fingers and making all Jews vanish would actually fix any problems. Is the cultural decay actually something tangibly created by one group? Or is it a greater entropic decay that is actually much harder to fix than just removing a perceived pathogen?

        Furthermore, Jews need to understand that they need to change their approach to treating others. They have been considered unsavory by virtually every culture and race on Earth- at a certain point some introspection is warranted. You cannot create communities with your own policing and hospitals and expect everyone to look at you as equals, just ask anyone from Brooklyn or New Jersey how they feel about this. You cannot create an ethnostate and expect outsiders to trust you. So another issue here is optics and overall behavior.

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        The issue is that any place with free speech becomes far right with time. This is because truth shines in light.

        I agree that it's problematic because we want more normies. We need a bigger rate of inflow of users than the normie-to-altright conversion rate to counteract the effectiveness of the truth.

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        Aw no please stay we need all the normies we can get!

        (I agree it's super gross)

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        Yes and no. I'd rather have more people willing to deep dive, even if they don't find anything interesting (yes I know Jews are over-represented in some good things and some bad things, but's not good enough to justify their rather specific, almost central place in varied conspiracy theories).

        But a null result is ten times more useful "No you can't ask those questions!" from a sheeple who votes left 'because it's cool'.

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        because they're not a singular race. they are multiple ethnic groups and/or a religion. there's brown and black jews, not just the ashkenazi/european.

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        The special word is because they think they are special.

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        racism implies race. there is no "jewish" race. so that's one pedantic issue for starters. There are also other reasons why, like tons of money going into "anti-semitic" awareness. maybe there's also an element of people wanting this special classification.

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        Like a user said, why so much special treament for jews?

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        Because it has a particular history going back through the middle ages with a specific set of myths attached which is different to just not liking people different to you.

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        I do not think there is much undue antisemitism on saidit. It is in fact quite reasonable for non-Jewish US citizens to be concerned about Mossad activities, Israeli involvement with the US Congress, theft of US military and industrial secrets, Jewish involvement in social movements like Black Lives Matter, etc. Israel and Zionism are clear threats to the US. But this justified concern on the part of US non-Jews is always described as antisemitism. People on saidit are not guilt-tripped and manipulated so easily. We see the clear threat of Zionism, the Likud Party, and Israel in general. This is not antisemitism but the ability to see the situation for what it is—a move toward world domination. If you believe otherwise, then you are a part of the problem.

        Mossad activity, as you know well, has increased recently on saidit. You think you are stealthy spies but in fact, you stand out like red flags, so do understand that we are watching you. Have a fun time on Ruqqus.

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        What is "anti-semitism"?

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        I never understood that either. In the same way that people are now redefining racism, us Jews got a special word all to themselves. I think it comes with power, the more power you have you can exert it or whatever how you wish and I’d be lying if I denied that fact that as an ethnic group compared to like ‘Baptist’s’ , Jews have power.

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        Edgy boys. Just ignore the subs that attract them, or leave. Either works.

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        You have a group which wields enormous wealth and power that cannot be publicly criticized or scrutinized. They have very little accountability, which some of them have abused. It's members of this group that are responsible for a lot of the censorship and deplatforming that drove people here to begin with. The fact you are in denial about this or ignorant about it says more about you than most of the people criticizing them.

        Some of the criticism is obviously over the top and trollish, but powerful people telling others they arent allowed to do something is inevitably going to result in a backlash, especially among younger people and contrarians who like to rebel against authority, hence the meme culture thats sprouted up in the west.

        My own view is that its just a relatively small but powerful group of Jews that are driving this resentment, but because no one can criticize them and they hide behind being Jewish and aggressively use their lobbying power to target any critics, people gradually start to blame all Jews. Ordinary Jews getting defensive and circling the wagons just makes the problem worse. You cant censor and deplatform your way out of this problem since many of the complaints have merit, even if its unfair to blame all Jews.

        Ironically the ADL probably does way more to drive antisemitism than combat it.

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        Agreed, Jews are propagandized by Zionists, Jew or not, more than any other person.

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        People are just trying to figure out where the sudden anti-white media shift came from.

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        For me, it’s taking the good (gender critical) with the not-so-good (antisemitism).

        I would rather have a place to freely write about cancel culture and female erasure than to police other people that I might not agree with.

        After Reddit, we can see how well censorship actually works, as in, not at all.

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        Bye. You won't be missed. Jews disproportionately fuck over our society. Deal with it.

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        Fuck this place, I'm off to a new censorious safespace

        Don't let the door hit you on the way out, cunt.

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        Nearly 50,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special megaphone software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.

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        Just jerks testing the waters and the boundaries of their new freedoms.
        I think you'll notice those kinds of posts aren't getting the "insightful" upvote.

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        Watch this. It's very important if you want to understand antisemitism:

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          Goodbye kike.

          [–]zyxzevn🐈‍⬛ 9 insightful - 1 fun9 insightful - 0 fun10 insightful - 1 fun -  (84 children)

          This is only the last few days.
          People from debate_alt_right who claim that everything is j's fault.

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          You are right, there is always someone blaming everything on jews. Just like there is always someone blaming everything on white people, or "racism" which really means "racist white people" which is the same thing.

          Sometimes they are right.

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          i don't understand why alt right blames everything on them

          [–]Canbot 13 insightful - 1 fun13 insightful - 0 fun14 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

          Why not ask them? That is the point of free speech. When someone says something dubious just challenge them on it.

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          BLM, Nation of Islam, and even subsets of Marxism have the same prejudice against Jews. It has to do with over-representation spurring mistrust among other things.

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          My point being that this sort of hatred for the men at the top of the food chain is pretty mundane and expected stuff. You also see this with Tanzanians' hatred of Indians and Turkish hatred of Armenians. Jews are extremely over-represented at the top of Western civilization.

          [–]screwballeclipsed 5 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 0 fun6 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)


          [–]grocerymannn 8 insightful - 2 fun8 insightful - 1 fun9 insightful - 2 fun -  (5 children)

          why don't you ask them

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          I don't know what the different people think exactly. Before the 2nd world war this was really extreme, and some of the far right has inherited those ideas.

          But in the modern day there is a revival due to the weird political situation in the US. In the US, many dual citizens (with Israel) have a a lot of important positions in politics, business and media. And I think this is a bad situation when just one small group has far more power than others.

          I think it has more to do with belonging to a corrupt elite-group, instead of belonging to a certain religion. You can see that from the orthodox Jews, who are often speaking against those power grabs. And also many dual-citizens are speaking out. They see some of the Israel politics as extremely racist.

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          i've read about the dual citizen thing on other sites, but the concept of being loyal to two different countries doesn't make sense. i haven't researched any of the examples i have seen, but it seems that the dual citizens are favoring one country predominately over the other.

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          Isn't it really stupid to sign your kids up for dual citizenship with Israel because they have to do military service and the government can hold them in the country until they've done it.

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          Ultra-orthodox are exempt from military service though, so there are loopholes.

          Also apparently includes all expatriates. So there's a lot of exemptions

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          Do you like reddit?
          Who owns the majority shares of reddit?

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          nobody will miss you

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          So Reddit bans people who do not share their views, you find something you disagree with and your immediate reaction is "fuck this place, i'm leaving"

          Other people having differing opinions then your own is not the end of the world and you can still use a platform despite their opinions ?

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          If any speech bothers you, you shouldn't be in free speech areas. It will just drive you crazy. Just remember that people will say shit that upsets you nearly everywhere you go. It will be hard to stay away from it. One option is to learn to ignore people.

          To be clear, the hate for Jews comes from the generalization that they are commies and try to force cultural Marxism into Western society. A vast majority of Jews I've ever heard from feel that way. So people then start identifying ALL Jews as being associated with those ideologies. Then people in free speech areas get to talk about their feelings about Jews. The next issue is that nearly every single Jew in the world is a Zionist, so that brings in hate from a lot of different angles.

          [–][deleted] 8 insightful - 2 fun8 insightful - 1 fun9 insightful - 2 fun -  (2 children)

          fuck you, leave if u want, i dont trust jews,

          no one can say anything bad about the jews or they call you anti-Semitic, thats how powerful they are, they infiltrated the usa and we cant even say bad things about the because of the "halocast"

          [–]Waxsimulacra 7 insightful - 3 fun7 insightful - 2 fun8 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children)

          Funny that it surprised people because they're only used to sites like reddit that limit the scope of discussion. Once you see it all there is no coming back. It's EVERYWHERE.

          [–]DisgustResponse 7 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 1 fun8 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

          No antisemitism without semitism.

          [–]NorfolkTerrier 7 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 1 fun8 insightful - 2 fun -  (2 children)

          It's annoying, but I'd rather stick around and try to balance it out, instead of leaving the first time I see rightoid cringeposts.

          [–]aleste2 7 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 1 fun8 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

          when you are kicked off more than 100 countries but it's never your fault. It's always anti-semitism.

          [–]bagano1 6 insightful - 3 fun6 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 3 fun -  (3 children)

          I really don't want to support it or turn this into a white supremacist site, but in light of recent events, all I'm going to say is...these people are dumb and there's a reason they get the boot. They're just here to start causing trouble. That's what they always do. They get a kick out of supporting the worst of society and enabling their BS. That's never going to end well. Sorry.

          [–]Tom9152 3 insightful - 4 fun3 insightful - 3 fun4 insightful - 4 fun -  (1 child)

          They've been kicked out of 109 websites, always the sites' fault.

          [–]Cindy 6 insightful - 3 fun6 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 3 fun -  (2 children)

          Man, fuck Ruqqus. I've put all my fruits in Saidit's basket and it's immensely frustrating seeing people leave for Ruqqus. The site is so ugly and archaic looking, not to mention it's not up half the time. I've already nuked my reddit comment history telling people why Saidit is a better choice over reddit, so I'm fully committed.

          Imo Ruqqus is public enemy #1 and we should focus on getting engagement from there rather than reddit

          [–][deleted] 4 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)


          [–]hylia 6 insightful - 2 fun6 insightful - 1 fun7 insightful - 2 fun -  (5 children)

          People are still anti-Semitic? Lol that just doesn’t makes sense to me.

          [–][deleted] 13 insightful - 7 fun13 insightful - 6 fun14 insightful - 7 fun -  (2 children)

          Yeah, it's crazy that people wouldn't appreciate being ruled over by a different ethnic group. After all, it's worked out well for every group ever throughout history. That's why American blacks are so thankful towards American elites, and why the Palestinians can't stop singing the praises of Israelis.

          [–][deleted] 6 insightful - 3 fun6 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 3 fun -  (1 child)

          Subjects even got uncomfortable in Europe when their monarch married royalty from nearby European kingdoms (e.g. Marie Antoinette). It's not strange to feel uncomfortable with these kinds of things.

          [–]Waxsimulacra 6 insightful - 2 fun6 insightful - 1 fun7 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

 It's because they hate white people... Duh

          [–]StBlops2cel_is_Lord 4 insightful - 5 fun4 insightful - 4 fun5 insightful - 5 fun -  (2 children)

          [–]Tallest_Skil 6 insightful - 1 fun6 insightful - 0 fun7 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          Sup, coward. Why can’t you disprove anything that anyone says?

          [–][deleted] 5 insightful - 2 fun5 insightful - 1 fun6 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

          lol, sjw cryin, sjw cryin, have fun gettin banned from ruqqus, rofl