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It'll probably be different in 2 weeks once the new accounts can recreate their favourite subs.

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I have a few communities I'd like to port over or reboot. /r/explainbothsides hasn't gone to shit yet, but /r/explainlikeimfive too often has graduate level explanations. I figure this is a perfect time to reboot ELI5 in the same spirit as I tried with /r/trueexplainlikeimfive. perhaps ELI8?

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    One of my favorite movies. I literally just watched it yesterday because my gf had never seen it before. The fact that it gets shit on shows that whoever shits on it didnt understand the point at all and on my watched the movie at face value.

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    You're as right as right can be. that said, it's going to happen organically or not at all.

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    I hear you. I'm naturally a lurker, but I do want to be more active. I got into the habit of second guessing and backing out of making posts on you-know-where quite a bit, I'm just realizing that maybe I can relax a little more here.

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    I'd care about a gay foot fetish porn community but I don't think that's allowed!

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    Backup ones have t been open yet.

    Not sure where to go.

    I don't want to join something like lesbians and find guys in it. If you know what I mean.

    Already got the child mods from itsafetish insulting me. Lol

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    I wanted to plug my new sub here called s/grabbag

    If anyone ever has any confusion about where to post, come over and post in my new community. Not alot going on because not alot of traffic atm. Hopefully I can get it going!

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    ok i'll lurk less