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Did you have a chance to watch the video?

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I watched until 2AM last night and will finish it today. I like the way he lays out the facts unemotionally, but has his facts and sources in a row. Israeli Jews grow up with Arabic and Hebrew, so Mossad can work smoothly with Arabs. I agree with pretty much all he said. Thanks for that link. **Now going to watch the second half.

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Finished it. The only problem is that it reminded me of my obsession with 9/11 that went on for about six years. I alienated a lot of people because I would not shut up about it. In all that time, I know of one person I convinced that it was huge hoax. Now I don't talk about 9/11 unless someone clearly shares some of my opinions on the subject.

Out of all he said, I disagreed with nothing. As for Israeli involvement—absolutely, but there were also lots of goys involved too—all psychopaths. He didn't mention the Israeli "moving" company right across the river in NJ. Many rabbis will tell us that Zionism is a perversion of Judaism, but all Jews are being coerced to go along with the world-domination agenda. Obama's first appointee was Rham Emmanuel who as mayor of Chicago has heated things up so the sludge has risen to the top. It is "not nice" to hate a black man like Obama, but I hate that Kenyan, CIA, asshole. Hopefully he will be hanged beside Bush.

I'll tell you Tom, they drafted me into a war to make some wealthy people richer, killed a few million Asians and 58,000 GIs. I came home, got a degree, and left the US as soon as I could. I went back maybe twenty times to see my parents, but I am never going back there again, not even to change planes at LAX. I still care and want those criminals, in the US and abroad to hang, but I am not going back there. Sorry for the disjointed rant, but I cannot possibly cover all that.

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Tom, no offense intended, but all those facts about 9/11 set me off. I have to limit my intake of hard news.