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fear of germs, why these fucking pussies!

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this is exactly why this shelter in place bullshit and masks will not work. you are only prolonging the outcome of a virus we should have already gotten herd immunity from. they need it to pop right back up in october for the election for the stay at home votes- This my friends is how you commit voter fraud

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They don't work, society is dependand on traveling, the boomers think tey need to travel all day in planes to feel successful(beore the internet). Society s really just bad, we should be seclusive in our own countries unless necessary. The end user saves, and so do they, bc having a dinner is what saves the company, movies taught them. We also have companies that rely on china, thyey are traitors and rely on slaves. Anyone that supports this method should be murdered.

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Just saying every high end dinner i have it's expected to pay, like they are my hooker i pay for them but they ignore the reality that it's built into the payment. It's like I live in crazy world. the 5000 dollar thing is also covered by them, not me. WTF?

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I don't know if you know this but a lot of the crazies and their enterprises have been locked down under this terrible disease. Its the greatest thing in the world for people to not be out and about with their selfish arrogance. Lock em down and throw away the keys! The wicked need suffering! George Carlin would have said the same thing, that legend.