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This is a top notch submission.



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This is...perfect.

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Funny I just watched this yesterday for the first time since it was in theaters...

That's interesting back story.

My theory was that he was so ashamed of Faramir and all he cared about was his line ending, that his personal survival didn't even matter. In his mind it was a matter of control and creating an ending of the lineage to be proud of at least, and he didn't even care that Faramir had re-awoken, he wanted him dead.

I guess I'm not the only one who felt the need to re-watch lord of the rings lately!

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I hope you watched the only version that counts, which is the fully extended version!!!

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Yup that was the one I watched. I didn't really "get" it when I watched it so many years ago in theaters, and I was hoping the extended edition would help sort things out, and it did.

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Unfortunately I've predicted exactly what was gonna hit us in Europe a good 40 days before it hit us. I say unfortunately because at some point, after I've acquired masks, chloroquine and food supplies, the news finally triggered my PTSD from 20 years back and I was physically ill, bed ridden almost for a week until I've stopped reading ALL of it( and also, all the people I've tried to warn, basically laughed behind my back)............. We need to turn to God more, strive to be better, charitable and mention Jesus and what he did for all of us.