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This community and the fucking conspiracies lmao. Has it occurred to you that the mayor wasn't the same person in charge of cancelling the event?

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As global alarm over the coronavirus outbreak grew, Adler’s decision went from “largely unthinkable to increasingly inescapable,” as Texas Monthly wrote. Adler and Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt declared a “local state of disaster” on Friday, giving public health officials the authority to review mass public events and decide whether they should proceed. Under these powers, officials announced that SXSW wouldn’t go forward. Residents of Austin were unnerved by the news, since the festival pumps millions into local venues, restaurants, and service industry workers’ pockets.

I think it’s pretty standard cognitive dissonance. Everyone is jumping on the “Let’s cancel conferences” bandwagon lest their conference somehow be fingered as propagating a pandemic. Of course the people who started this trend are high profile, mostly Silicon Valley types who stood the most to lose if they received blame and stand to lose relatively little by pulling out of conferences — especially compared to the small businesses and their employees who will be hit by the SXSW cancellation.

In light of this, the Mayor also HAS to say something like this, lest he lose all face to his local constituency. Now he has plausible deniability both ways. He had to cancel the event because his hands were tied and he still supports local business. It is certainly crazy making. But that’s what any mania like this is. Individually we may all think we are making the best decision at the moment. But anyone who cares to see the big picture can see all we are doing is letting the fools rush in.

It’s a difficult choice to buck the trend and live without fear because other people will pile on and scold you and you’ll have to survive that as well to come out the other side ahead. I think President Trump is handling this all very well and is a true inspiration to level headed people who can see through the mania bullshit, just as he always has been.

And, yes, this site and its conspiracies.

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Makes sense. Thanks for doing the digging i was too lazy to do :)

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More from the mayor in the link I posted elsewhere in this thread:

How many cases have been detected in Austin at this time?

We don’t have any cases detected in Austin at this time.

How many tests is Austin performing at this time?

That number hasn’t been released, because we’re not releasing negative results. There’s been one or two confirmed cases of testing, but with negative results. We’re not going to keep identifying the number of negative tests that were given.

Personally I feel like not releasing negative test numbers feeds the mania. The vast majority of people tested will and do test negative. If people were able to see those negative results as compared to deaths it would dwarf the fear mongering.

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I think it is a test to see how many people are docile enough to listen to authority. When the economy collapses it will be much easier to control people. Look at the Boston Bombing martial law PsyOp for reference.