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What would have to happen to make you think it's an actual big deal? Hundreds of millions of dollars are being lost on tons of event cancellations all over the world. They don't do that for the flu.

They also may be under-reporting cases, because there aren't enough tests to go around, and also because some hospitals and governments want to to downplay the numbers as much as possible.

So I'd be careful with that normalcy bias if I was you. Could be nothing, but I don't think it's smart to just ignore it at this point in time.

There's also 2 strains of it now, as it mutated during spread, one strain more deadly than the other.

Not to mention there's pretty good evidence this is a man-made bioweapon:

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okay, i admit, i don't follow the situation and theories at all, so i am ignorant. i just use my past experience. no one i know died from the mers coronavirus or any of the other animal-named flues. and i live relatively close to an international airport.. i know about event cancellations, i am even affected, but that indicates only the level of human fear/precaution.. i would have to see it in my community to take it seriously.

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I agree there have been a lot of illnesses that have been seriously overhyped by the media in the last few years. No question about that, couldn't agree more.

However I see the amount of money people are willing to lose to contain this thing... they didn't shut down factories and conventions, and quarantine people on nearly the scale with those previous illnesses as they are with this one.

But it could end up being another overhyped fear-mongering thing. I was in the same mindset until a few days ago, when I saw they cancelled SXSW in the US and a huge electronics convention in China. There's too much money being lost to try and prevent spread, to just chalk it all up to hype. The money talks loudest, imo.

But honestly I am still on the fence about whether it's a serious problem or just another media scaremonger deal, so I totally get where you're coming from too.

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i think one of the reasons there are more cancellations now is because the society is being changed towards more fear and prevention in general. the individualist idgaf mindset is superseded with collectivist, centralized 'socially responsible' behavior (we all love so much /s). i am probably wrong, but i wouldn't be surprised if the sxsw decision was made by some government bureaucrat and not the organizers (looked it up, it was the mayor apparently).

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You could be right. Time will tell.

I do think it's good to be prepared in case there are supply chain shortages though. Even aside from this illness. Just good to have food and water to last a month or so if necessary.

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prep at all times folks, so you don't have to go and fight with your neighbors for a few rolls of tp

i have poultry, feed to last for a year, a (small) boat to fish, wells, ponds, solar, firewood and stocked up cellar all the time. /brag :-)

these are not expensive or excessive things for a peace of mind.


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The land near the industry that I work in is my main obstacle.

I could move, and significantly increase my commute... :-/

I may move.... :-/

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but is there anything wrong with the land you have now, or is it just that the industry is too close to it?

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Easement... :-/

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Agree with this. "Well, those guys are taking precautions, so maybe we should?" --Fear and "precautions" spread faster than the virus itself. Also agree, we've already been exposed, so why worry about it. I choose to believe it's nothing, because if I'm right, then I didn't fall for the trick. If I'm wrong, I'm dead, so I won't have to listen to any 'I told you so's"

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They cancelled SXSW then turned around and literally that evening posted THIS. Do you see anything wrong there?

Polls are telling the DNC they have a massive uphill battle come November and they have in-fighting among their base for control of the party. They desperately need economic upheaval that they can blame on the current administration and could care less what they need to burn to get it. That's why you're seeing the types of reactions and media drumbeat this year.

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Yup. This. Reddit is an absolute cesspool of “TrUMp iSn’T dOiNg EnoUgHzOrs!” shilling right now. Not even FB is anywhere close to that bad. In fact, most people on FB are barely talking about.

I chalk the SXSW decision up to politicians gonna politic. The mayor also confirmed they have zero cases and wouldn’t release how many negative tests they’d administered.

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However I see the amount of money people are willing to lose to contain this thing... they didn't shut down factories and conventions, and quarantine people on nearly the scale with those previous illnesses as they are with this one.

The people who are creating the panic (and benefiting from the panic) are not the ones who are paying the costs of shutting down factories, conventions, etc.

They are certainly benefiting from the increase in:

  • MSM revenues (through commercial advertising)
  • State-funded medicine/"vaccination" research
  • Quarantines investments
  • Medical equipment
  • Public fear (which results in voluntarily sacrificing civil rights, so the state can "save us")
  • etc.

My sense is that there is a plan to crash the economy, and if the economy collapses because of "a flu pandemic" then there is no one to blame...

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These decisions aren't taken lightly at all and governments tend to be very short term in their greed. Shutting down a country's economy and halting all tax revenue at this point already means we most likely are not getting the correct information. This is the first step in preventing full on anarchy possibly in the near future by slowing the infection rate as much as possible to hopefully prevent countries' respective health systems from caving in.

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What would have to happen to make you think it's an actual big deal?

The media has completely lost and and all credibility.

I would need names on the deceased.
* Schools attended.
* Employment history.
* Next of kin for confirmation etc.
* List of prescriptions used.
* Etc.

The media is guilty of deceiving the public by deliberately misrepresenting the facts. Serially.

They are serial deceivers, and cannot be trusted.

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haha, yes! this time the dead people they always use in elections to fake votes would be recycled as covid victims.

cdc spokesperson: "look! they ded!" <points at an urn filled with breadcrumbs>

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They don't do that for the flu.

they can't generate fear with the good old flu, because we only fear the unknown.

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The big deal is not about how much agencies pump into it, or the endless media broadcasts and exaggerations about the virus, but if they know something we do not know. The agenda is clear. Dirty cash, ie. Cashless society and mandatory vaccines, at least pushing the perception that it must happen soon. That agenda alone illustrates someone is using the virus for ulterior motives.

I'm with you magnora7, I'm not doubting that governments and medical facilities are preparing in mass, and we should prepare for it and hope for the best, but if it does turn out to be another dub, then that's another election year virus PsyOp to check off the list.

Never let a crisis go to waste. Whether manufactured or real.

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Never let a crisis go to waste. Whether manufactured or real.

Yeah exactly, that's the main takeaway here.

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First of all, quarantines are happening all around the world, and are going to happen most likely in your country. That alone is a reason to stock up on some basic necessities. Plus, it is never a bad idea to be prepared for an emergency in general. Toilet paper doesn't run away, and food reserves can be eaten over time and replaced before they expire. Second, I would take this more seriously. I can only work with the data that I have. It is easy to always say that every official number or statistic is wrong or fake, but the truth is, if we operate under this assumption we quickly run into territory where we can't operate at all because we have no information about anything. What I see is a global pandemic that has massive consequences for economies around the world, an unbroken exponential growth rate, governments everywhere freaking out, this is reason enough to prepare and be vigilant.

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What I see is a global pandemic

It's no pandemic, currently. But TPTB are using it to further an agenda, possibly martial law, cashless society, mandatory vaccines, etc.

If it comes to pass in a few months, like H1N1, and the other viruses shilled every election year, then we can conclude PsyOp. Preparation is totally fine. But COVID-19 is not dangerous, however, weaponization of COVID-19, certainly could be, maybe TPTB know something we don't. And all the NEOCONS saying it's a hoax, tells me we should believe the opposite, or it could be reverse psychology.

Millions are infected, the vast majority will recover from COVID-19, if it isn't weaponized, that is a fact, but the least we can do is prepare.

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It's no pandemic,

jesus, the WHO no longer officially uses the term 'pandemic'. And this is also known as SARS-COV-2; my point? It'll never be labeled that, as that designation has direct financial impacts for the WHO.

As to the numbers? There's massive debate because the numbers being released, well, just aren't. Take Florida for example, it's in law that in this situation, they must release the numbers, but they're refusing to, stating "Hipaa" violations.

As to being weaponized, there's a lot of information in medical studies pointing that this isn't natural in any sense.

Not arguing, not wanting to debate, but the Pandemic moniker is done, it's been put in the grave, and again, the WHO officially will not use that word; at least that was their edict about a month ago officially, and moving forward.

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If a disease is spreading across multiple countries on multiple continents, forming epicenters inside these countries, that is by definition a pandemic.

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i fear the government more than any virus (um, except ebola :-)

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True Story

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The part about toilet paper made me fucking die 😂

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I had it for breakfast.

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Very convincing argument /s

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oh yeah, for sure!

if we look back at all the swine flu, bird flu scares of the past, we can see how overblown the fear was in those cases. this is the same. i just think the people dying from this are the old, sick and weak who are near death and who would die from something else pretty soon anyway.

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Are you reading the accounts coming from China, Iran, Italy and practically every other country? Young people are also dying and in critical condition. Doubt they are all in on the conspiracy.

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sadly, even young people can be weak and sick... we won't know how bad it is until it blows over and we have the sums. in wuhan it already ended, so it won't take long i guess..

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I think you're missing the overall picture which is global economic shutdown along with potentially more dangerous mutations. It has a high re-infection rate, is potentially a bio-weapon and has already mutated to a more fatal varation due to the fact that it's RNA based. The major social panic won't be now, the panic will be when the mutations start happening. If it is in fact a bio-weapon, who knows what's in store 50 mutations down the road.

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i anticipate that the bio-weapon mutations will give us all super-soldier type powers and the ability to see through female underwear :-)

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Not meant as a personal attack on you but our flippant nature to potential global catastrophies due to a nurtured easy upbringing is going to cause the death of a lot of people. It never ever hurts to be prepared and who knows what's next out of China.

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i can afford to be flippant, because i am prepared! also i think my immune system is pretty good.

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Good. We need every rational human being we have.

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You literally can't be bothered to pay attention to reality.

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Oh yea I forgot you know me so well.

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I know you better than you.

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I doubt this is the case, but my opinion is probably not going to get a lot of traction here. We'll see in a month.

My only compelling argument below:

CHINA DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HUMAN LIFE IN FACTORIES. The only thing they care about is money and productivity. And they shut down and put under quarantine almost a billion people.

Kind of makes you think, doesn't it?

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