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Why don't they browse /all/new? We all know the reason why.

Because they don't use the "mute sub" function to permanently mute the subs they don't like? :)

If we simply speed up the algorithm, then there isn't time for comments to accumulate and that's bad for the community. So we could speed it up a bit more, but not too much.

I agree though, more people need to browse the /new tab, there's a lot of good stuff getting missed. Just mute the right subs and then it's actually fun to browse. Simply click the 'mute sub' button under any post from a sub you'd rather not see.

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A mute button actually sounds like a great idea. The internet is all about freedom of media. Letting people chose what they want to see is part of that equation. Letting them mute what they don't want to see is also a part of that.

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The 'mute sub' button is already ready for use, try it out on /all or /new :)

I think it gives the power to the user, which is great, like you say.

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Ok, you've inspired me. I will make an effort to browse there more. I have always been more of the lurker type, but maybe I can get some discussions going

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Could the all/new banner include short mute sub instructions for new users?

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Good idea. I added this to our welcome message, which is linked to in the welcome message to every new user.

If you're browsing /all or /new, and you see a sub you don't like, hit the 'mute sub' button under any post from that sub. Then you will not see posts from it anymore. To undo it, go to that sub and hit the 'unmute sub' button.

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mute sub is here?

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Yup it's under every single post on /all and /new

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I love the mute button! The people who complain about "lag" are impatient IMHO. Truly thoughtful discourse is not impulsive. This system weeds out the weak-minded. If you post a lot of crap that was popular elsewhere and not here, maybe it's because we simply ignore that shit.

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Those people who complain are easily bored and are looking for novelty. They want something new, all the time. Screw 'em. A million other websites out there.

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You just made me realize I don't vote anywhere near enough.

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I post a ton of shit and most of it never gets upvoted. It's the users who don't vote, or who never bother to log in in the first place.

And why should they? I don't register an account and vote in 98% of the sites I read. Who even says it's a problem?

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The people that have no lives and live on Saidit, aka me and fuck knows who else

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Trying to discourage voting, eh?

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The mute key is an only option to mitigate IP2 proliferation...I tried talking Magnora into avoiding the mute button altogether and just limiting the one sub, IP2, to 3 or 4 posts per day discovery on all/new ...This way, if new users wanna participate and keep track of IP2 craziness, they can, but it's not overspam all the time with the shiz. Think of it this the time new users were to discover and use the mute option, they are already gone for good because IP2 is so niche entertainment for oldfags but it currently overfloods the new normie posts in here ...

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Oh hell yeah Ip2 is honestly spammy in /all/ new. The posts aren't bad but I would rather have a bunch of subs in /all/ instead of IP2 and /news/ filling it up

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Yeah I have it muted because it overwhelms the rest in volume, as you said. Muting is the only solution. And you can un-mute a sub by just going to that sub and then clicking "unmute sub" underneath any post in that sub. So it's not permanent if you want to undo it, give it a try

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No, but magnora, you now either mute it for all, or let all figure out the optional mute button. What IMO you should do is remove the mute function completely out of existence and limit the volume to 4 posts per 24 hrs for example to show. This way you don't alienate all the IP2 users from participating in the rest of saidit ...At this point, IP2 users posts are so numerous on /new that why bother bother browsing /new from saidit end in the first place for IP2 people, and they don't want to mute the sub that brought them here. The mute function is the ultimate tool of censorship...I personally had to mute IP2 on /new some time ago because it's starting to look like bum fights over there, but at the same time, there is still some funny af memes being produced and I'd love to see those meme posts not only on /new, but also in /all...You're doing all the stupid shit reddit is doing, quarantining subs from being read by the triggered people...The key is in letting the best, most upvoted from IP2 being displayed on Saidit because trust me IP1 for a very good reason so many times had a number one post on Reddit before the neo liberal commie cunts shut it down. Technically I guess you would leave the mute function but also iterate over all the posts for the most upvoted and funny at the same time.

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IP2 opted themselves out of showing on /s/all with a longstanding subreddit setting. they were cool and didn't want to take over the whole feed/site. I hear what you are saying though about all of these features, they are extreme, all or none. I'd be down to try this max 4 idea. I think we'd have to call it /s/popular or something other than /s/all though to not rock the boat on what 'all' means. edit: or maybe just changing the /s/all/hot feed would be enough.

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For sure, there are options of handling this with a lite touch. I always knew reddit was a speech suppressing platform with the karma system first promoting group think and then totalitarianism of the next wave where everyone would have to adhere to the thinking of a few chosen admins and their bosses(happening right now). It's a chicom system in full bloom . IP1 was also group think place but the memes were so funny and speech was so free and sjw free, it was beautiful to witness. I stuck around for more than two years there, never even bothering with the rest of commie reddit.

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If you want more new content you can use a feature I learned (and used) on Reddit: Set the flag in: preferences -> link options -> don't show me submissions after I've voted them insightful (except my own)

FYI, the option "don't show me submissions after I've voted them fun except my own" seems to be non-functional ATM

Biggest drawback is that you tend to miss out on new comments made after you upvote/insightful it. (this is why I miss the ability to look at a list of my 'insightful' votes)