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Well, I guess we have different definitions of cool

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Its not cool or edgy its just normal, its the default position, why would I believe in something when there is no evidence whatsoever ?

There are 3000 ''gods'' claimed to exist, do you believe in only one ? that means you deny 2999 of them right ? thats almost atheism.

Atheism only means non belief in a deity THATS IT nothing else. Provide actual evidence and I won't be an atheist no more.

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You mean you believe that no God exists. In which case, your belief structure is no different than than those who believe in a deity. It's another reason the government classified atheism as a belief system, you get your tax benefits.

The only true position non belief system is agnosticism, the others all worship something.

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My definition of atheism stops here ''a lack of belief or a strong disbelief in the existence of a god or any gods''

anything you add to that is on you. If a religious person claims a god exist I'm just waiting for their evidence, I do not claim to know there is no god I claim I don't believe. Now you claim a god exist provide evidence, btw which one of the 3000 is it ?

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Let me try a little exercise that may prove creationism.

Where did we(humans) come from?

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No one really knows, science is trying to find out and religion pretends to know the answer. Why is there 3000 different creation stories ? If you're gonna say some dude created the universe and all its 100000000000000 stars you better have very good evidence.

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What's the most widely accepted scientific theory?

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Everyone worships. The folks who remove God from everything generally turn the government into a god for all their answers. It's the "people are generally good" crowd, they just need more education.

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Pretty much my personal view on the topic. My mum used to work at a new-age wellness centre, and she was open about believing in God. They would make fun of her and then go into the "crystal room" to cleanse their auras. Can't make this shit up.

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It is actually very obvious. The metaphysical illustrations of god have been coveted to political machinations, and now reek of institutionalized anthropomorphic biases due to the human handlers claiming to be holy (the elites).

So Atheism is a way to immaturely say: Fuck that system. Totally cool!

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Because most people are afraid to say "I don't know".