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It is trendy and mainstream and difficult to avoid, but alcohol is #1 cancer in our world.
I love seeing powerful people take control over their own lives.
No poison, No pollution, No miserable confusion
Life is so sweet without alcohol : )

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I could never get into it. Over 27 years I've had maybe 5 beers and two shots.

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Life is sweeter with ketamine and far far far safer. Too bad I can't afford any recreational substances.


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Beer never tasted that great to me. Wine? I now wonder why wine glasses are so small. Vodka, rum, whisky, those are the things I've got in my kitchen right now. Why?

How do you handle being screamed at when you can't walk away and you can't fight back? You go home, hold it in, and don't you dare fucking cry. You poor yourself a drink, wait for all those feelings to be washed away along with the inability to think, and when you get up the next morning you hope today is different. And it is! Sometimes. Two days in a row. Now you're on edge. You're wondering where your next panic attack will come from. Called into the office? Am I getting fired today? Can't talk back. Can't call them a liar. Can't throw a punch you need this job stand there and let them talk down to you as the replaceable piece of shit you are because you don't have a goddamn phd.

Psychologist friend you talk to only agrees with you. Yep. You're fucked. Should've got a bunch of degrees in something useful. That's a waste of $700 you'll never get back.

After all that, you come home, try to play a few computer games, only to have the power go out. Bills were paid. Weather outside didn't give a fuck.

All of you who don't drink: Good for you.

All of you who can't stomach it: Good for you.

Not everybody has that same luxury as you do.

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My body Has always reacted to it as poison, so it's a no-brainer not to imbibe. I see so many friends, family, acquaintances create chaos for themselves, including health problems and mental confusion, by habitually using this mind-ruiner. Thanks for posting this important reminder that just because something is accepted socially, it is not necessarily a good choice.

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I'm quite happy sticking with LSD, MDMA and mushrooms, thank you. Alcohol is poison. Someone else can have my share.

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Yeah but alcohol is tasty. Ima keep drinking.

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ITT fags that sit down to piss