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Cool, good luck! I wish you the best

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I could get on a mountain biking or gym/fitness subreddit, or both. Leaving this comment as a reminded to come back later.

Edit: I checked it out and it doesn't look very nice. How big is the team and what is their expertise?

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much of the issue with the look might be because its a ghost town at the moment. design-wise, there are some improvements currently being made, and a few features on deck for rollout in about a week - but overall i think the look is pretty smooth. feel free to offer critiques though, im happy to take them on board.

its a very small team - one full time and one part time, with expertise in wordpress development, machine learning, trading, and (oddly enough) biological science.

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Very slow.

How is it "different"? How will you stand out?

Will you tackle tough topics? ie.

Do you have a rewards system? ie. crypto for content, curation, etc.

Is it open source, federated, and/or decentralized?

Is it customizable? ie. modes, CSS, day/night, etc. The design is nice, trapped between desktop and phone modes, so it's not terrific.

Do you have user vanity pages? SaidIt doesn't. I get the vibe that a personal feed is like one. Depends what your target audience is. Some folks want to be anon, others want to show off.

How is your search and navigation? SaidIt is weak on that front too, no fault of SI admins - they inherited the old Reddit code from when it was open.

The message boards and groups sounds promising.

What is your funding model? What are your privacy terms? What are your social and ethical goals and development roadmaps? You might want to put that up front. The more transparency the better. Trust is key.

Do you have related tools? ie. wiki, media hosting, etc. And text and media content copyright policies?

I like a curated landing page.

I have no interest in joining new social media sites. Yet, in the future I will to promote my original content, though I don't expect to be active on them beyond that. IMO, you're coming to the social media game late. If you aren't open and decentralized I don't know what you're doing. However, there is one area you MIGHT be able to break through with a new feature...

Let's say you've got all your ducks in a row (see my comments above) and I feel I can trust you, I would be very interested in a social media central hub of sorts. I would appreciate a site that I could post a blurb perhaps with some media linked - and that would be simultaneously posted across all my other social media accounts AND it would also collect all the feedback, and I could respond - all from one place, your site. THEN I'd be interested. I suspect there are already sites trying to do this. Some already do to some extent in their limited ways. Naturally you'd also be fighting the big dogs for that slice they want to control. Just a thought.

Good luck.

If it doesn't work out, maybe join SaidIt and/or one of these projects /s/DecentralizeAllThings/ /s/DecentralizeAllThings/wiki/. Or opensource it or team up or merge or whatever. I would if I did code.

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Thanks for taking a look and for the feedback.

The speed is a concern we're addressing - more work to done on caching etc.

We wont be federated/decentralized/open source, at least for the time being.

Customization for user settings like night mode is on deck for development.

Your own customized feeds are something like vanity pages (like you say), and we plan to roll out a 'karma'-like system (although I personally hate it, I know many users like it). We also have some ideas for user reward badges and other features like that down the road.

The search and navigation is designed to work much like twitters, allowing tagging and trend discovery. It will need some tweaks in the future, but for the near term should do the trick.

All funding so far has been from my own cash, and will be for the foreseeable future, although we do have a patreon channel set up.

We default to strict privacy terms (can see more at, and - we dont store or sell any personally identifying info, and encourage users to take additional steps to protect themselves. Users can delete any/all of their data from the site at any time, as well as completely erase their account footprint.

Ethically, we offer a platform which is moderated, but openly skews right. I think that's what sets us apart from both the liberal-dominated moderation standards of most of the large tech companies, and the purists who want decentralization and total privacy. In addition, we aim to appeal to people with an interest in risk - poker, trading, FX/crypto, sportsbetting - and are currently hosting free contests for sports handicapping, with cash payouts to winners. If our users like this, we are planning a full development of a trading platform as a wing of the site (much like the new barstoolbets was spawned from barstool sports). In the long run, that may develop into a full, Augur-based betting exchange, or a large scale sports trading platform that aims to compete with draft kings et al. (Obviously there are huge permit hurdles there, but it's a potential possibility).

Further, I think we offer a very streamlined integration of features that inherits elements from media aggregators (the old Drudge), Twitter (user follow system), Reddit (group channels), and traditional long-form/linear message board discussions (ex bodybuilding misc). I want to create something that is the best of all those worlds, and seamlessly blend it together.

I understand that you lean toward the federated aspects, and features that this site won't offer, so this site would not be up your alley. But I appreciate taking the time to respond.

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I find going back in history to find things painful on many sites. That's why it's necessary for a good search and diverse navigation options, more than just back one page at a time.

Have you considered sharing this to Vox Day and friends. They've got their own little empire going. Capitalist, right leaning, not-open source, paywall, etc. A paywall is a FAAAR easier way to keep the riffraff and abuses out, helping with your curation. I don't know if their Christian values tolerate gambling or not.

Also, maybe the Tin Foil Hat Podcast might be interested, as they're considering gambling stuff.

I don't gamble, so any time I see it I simply assume it's someone desperate for easy money trying to take it from someone else more desperate for easy winnings. Inherently hustling and untrustworthy. But maybe that's just my outsider impressions.

Here's another feature idea: collective commentary on web pages and/or topics. Gab has their Dissenter. BitChute has their CommentFreely. You could have your suite with a browser addon that would let you know whenever a page you're on has been commented on, or has been linked with comments, or has been meta tagged for key words.

Metatags are key. Steemit has 5, not enough IMO.

Long form sounds good too. Essays for contextual understanding of complex issues is needed more these days, IMO.

IMO, decentralization is the only way we can resist the corproratocracy. Facebook, Reddit, Yelp, Wikipedia only got "ahead" because of the corporate media promoting them, above the rest of the thousands of similar sites. Unless you've got deep state, military, or Jewish connections, you haven't got a chance against them - even if you want to "sell out".

Maybe there's a way to partly federate. Plug in and participate - to a degree.

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thanks again for the reply!

i do like many of the ideas you bring up, and will definitely have to add something to the terms and privacy about users retaining image rights. memer's rights are human rights :D

its actually the first im hearing about the collective commentary feature of gab - i will for sure look more into a feature like that!

i think the part-federation makes sense. i think of social medias future being long-talied, rather than fully decentralized. specialization and smaller, more lightweight options with 'localized' interests and such. some common connection infrastructure would certainly help though.

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Wikipedia censors all sorts of stuff and offers the "official narrative" - as if there's only one. All the others do in their own way too. We need defenses against this. Even if you're not open source and are for profit, you can play a role against the abusive exploitative corporatocracy.

Another thing you might consider doing is simultaneously archiving a snapshot of every image, phrase, post, media, etc. Not only are more archiving options better than fewer, a local archive might speed up service and other performance things (searches, metadata, etc). Most of the archive won't be changed remaining simple and static. But a tool that alerted you to changes, modifications, deletions, etc. THAT would be very valuable for calling out deception, etc.

Maybe not for today or next year, but if you build the architecture today for it one day, maybe it could be a game changer, or just a handy piece of the game.

The problem with common centralized infrastructure is that it's an easy target for trolls or the powers that be. Maybe keep opensource in your back pocket as a desperate measures tool. The difference between capitalist ownership and opensource ownership is integrity - and integrity is something you can't buy, no matter how hard Microsoft is trying. They've bought GitHub and they're infiltrating Linux - but they haven't bought integrity. Eventually all that git is going to squeeze out between their fingers when they tighten their fist.

Integrity is authentic authority, earned through valued expertise - not through the monopoly of violence of illegitimate "authority", the police, the courts, the law, the jails, the military, and the influence of money.

Going opensource would buy you more integrity that you can imagine - especially if you have a great product and/or a great community. Openness need not be limited to code. You could 100% open all your books, transactions, etc. People could see how it comes and goes. They would see the sacrifices and gains. They may be critical and even want some say, but you need only open up as much as you want. A roadmap with goals would help. Not all democracy is good nor bad.

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Also, one more thing that might make you stand out...

Image ownership. Almost ever single site that hosts images demands the rights to those images forever to do with what they will. There are few if any places where you retain your image rights regardless. Copyright is moot anyway without an army of lawyers, but this customer loyalty might be rewarded in turn.

Though I'd recommend also offering Creative Commons options for those who care to share.