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Only one time I got accused of being a creep because a girl didn't believe I didn't have a facebook and thought I was trying to cheat my nonexistent girlfriend. So having no facebook makes you a natural bullet dodger ;)

Most of the time if there are 'big' things I missed because I lack fb/sc/tw/insta I get updated in normal conversations, friends come sit with me and show some 'awesome' photo on their phone and we talk about it.

Like everything 'social media' takes up time and you're probably better off watching 2 TNG-Star trek episodes a day than spending on that. (Or read a book, listen to a podcast while walking outside or whatever hobby thingies you like).

Some answers to the 'why not?' question:

I wouldn't be active on it anyway, messaging me on that would result in me not reading it.

Any of these reasons

And "I'm not comfortable with sharing that kind of information for the public".

Honesty works best.

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as time goes on less and less. its about eight years since i deleted my google and fb accounts and now i am happy they have just some out of date data on me. people i know mostly use skype and whatsapp, but are happy with email or a phone call too.

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I never had any interest in Facebook or Twitter, but I did want to use Reddit. Of course we know what happened to Reddit.

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I felt that way when I quit using facebook a few years ago, that I was missing out on new pictures and events and what everyone was doing . . . until I realized that I don't really care what everyone else is doing and seeing constant pictures of everyone's kids is not that important to me. oh well, different strokes for different folks - we're not missing out on all that much : )

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I'm as old as the hills. So, I may have this wrong...


Isn't this thread on a 'social media site'?

Maybe you're just more 'discerning' about the company you keep ;)

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i miss some contacts i've lost by disabling facebook and losing the chat, but tbh they were fated to slowly die anyway

it takes a special kind of relationship to adapt to a online only context

as for explaining for the others... i just say it takes too much time and if a person really wants to talk with me there s always other options. which as half truth i guess

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Sometimes I miss social media, but I am a lot happier without it.

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No. I only have one friend, so no need (or want) for social media.

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Nope. Not a bit. I have some social media accounts but don't use them much, especially the F word.

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