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These days he seems more focused on stuff that racially divides people, rather than bringing them together. They say he's talking about "hard truths", but is he, or is he just convincing people they have shitty lives so they have a chip on their shoulder?

It's honestly a bit frustrating to see this change. I feel like he sold out to fearporn and racial divides to sell records and get youtube views.

I used to like the guy, now he says stuff like this:

He laughed. “But I am, though! I feel like Jesus. I do feel chosen"

I do like this quote though:

“Authenticity is the journey of figuring out who you are through what you make.”

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I think he's definitely troubled—his frequent allusions to suicide, including at the end of this article, are certainly an indicator—but, I think it's a fascinating window into the mind of someone who is definitely creating good (and if not good, interesting art). That, and the illumination of how he feels about there being an irreparable divide between "white" and "black" entertainment.

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He's definitely smart, I'm just not sure if he's wise. He seems very addicted to wanting more power and influence.

Interesting article though, he does definitely create art works of interest, even if they're sometimes morally lacking.