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It won't matter. Venezuela is now a shithole and it will never recover. What is it with south and central america? Why can't they ever get their shit together?

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We wouldn't be able to even if we tried. Even if we were to get our shit together, we would have to go face to face with the US and the US army is downright invincible. It's not like Americans themselves are to blame, It's just that the Intelligence groups are corrupted beyond any scale and well that's just the tip of the iceberg, overall the game is very rigged against the people in Latin América and even the political class in the first world nations is corrupted to the point that if a revolution doesn't happen in the next decades civilization will go to hell everywhere.

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Vietnam didn't have anything yet they managed to kick the shit out of the US military. When it is your ground you know how to defend it.

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My educated guess is that they are being experimented by the globalists for many many decades. Communism there has been tried over and over, with catastrophic failures. People in general seem to be stuck hundreds of years in the past both technologically and mentally, so it's easy to brainwash and do psych. warfare.