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Yeah he never mentions Israel in anything, and he also acts like a loon so people associate "conspiracy theorist" with crazy nonsense. Literally exactly what the CIA would want.

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So interesting to see the guys at r/the_donald eats his stuff up hook, line and sinker, just like how the guys on r/politics eats up CNN and opinion pieces from Huffington or Buzzfeed. People say they like to divide and conquer...well, I have to admit, 'they' are pretty dam good at what they do.

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Agreed. And in this media environment people are just mostly stuck in echo-chambers. So they may be more well-informed of their side than ever before in history, but they're also the most misinformed about the other side... If people don't try to observe both sides of the media, they're missing half the picture, and most people don't have the emotional fortitude or time to read both sides of the news.

Then outside the US echo-chamber there's foreign perspectives on US news too. Very few Americans seem to care for these perspectives, which is a sad statement on people preferring short-term emotional comfort over learning facts.