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I don’t disagree with taxes. I disagree with where the taxes are going

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Relevant documentary:

I really expected that of course there's a law that you can point to in the law book, the code that requires you to file a tax return. Of course there is! Maybe I don't know what it is right then as he was speaking to me, but sure! So naively I agreed to go off and research it and get back to him. Three and a half months later I was at that point where I couldn't find the statute that clearly made a person liable, at least not me and most people I know. And I had no no choice in my mind except to to resign.

-John Turner, former IRS agent

Also relevant, a quote from Cosmic Trigger I:

We began surfacing the Discordian Society, issuing position papers offering non-violent anarchist techniques to mutate our robot-society. One was our "PURSE" plan (Permanent Universal Rent Strike Exchange) in which everybody simply stops paying rent forever. (Can they dispossess us all into the Atlantic and Pacific?) Another was our "PUTZ" plan (Permanent Universal Tax Zap), in which everybody stops paying taxes.

Excerpt from Historia Discordia + illustration