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This guys heavily lookism is the very reason for all the things he complains about in this video. Too bad he will never understand that.

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The whole point of the video is that he is anti-lookism, and that people should accept how they look instead of trying to tweak it with technology constantly

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The whole point of this guy is that people shouldn't try to fake their looks, because he wants to judge looks. That judging causes pressure on those individuals that then will try to fake their looks. The spiral continues.

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I can see your point

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I think he didn't pressure on those individuals,is those individuals photoshoped their own pictures. He didn't force someone to be PS attention whores. Don't you think it's a kind of lust for want to get tons of "likes"? This is their own problem.

And attention whores blaming the society force them to PS themselves.

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Society is creating those attention whores in the first place. If all people would just give zero fucks to whatever another person looks like there wouldn't be any attention whores at all. They only exist because people like the guy in the video do care about that cowdung a loony fuckin lot. Everyone is crazy, that's all. edit: I also think, what is so bad about people faking their looks on the internet? Who the fuck cares if some ugly chick wants to make herself "beautiful" on the web, it is probably her only chance to feel "pretty", so let her do this and move the fuck on if you don't like it. I don't see the problem.

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Sorry,but I have to point it out it sounds like the fat acceptance BS. Those activist of fat acceptance want no one think obesity is a problem. Attention whores NOT just PS their own photo only,they fake their person information on internet as well. They believe their needs of "getting likes" is supreme, and they do it unscrupulously. In the era of Photoshop didn't exist,they fake their person information to attention whoring. And they blame the society let them use their looking to attract attention(which is not effective for themselves) without self-reflection why they want to get attention extremely.

But the way ,in the society of monkeys ,the survival of female monkeys is all about how the other monkeys view her. The ones who look healthy would get more "likes",their status is relatively high,other monkeys would help her survive.

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I'm not triggered by fat people. Nobody thinks that being obese is healthy, so why even care about people who want to believe it? Let them believe what the fuck they want. I don't fucking care if people are ugly, fat, skinny, whatever or faking their own photos for a faceless internet crowd to feel "pretty" or to release a little shot of dopamine in their brain for every "like" they can gain with that fake photos. Other people smoke crack for that high. Who cares? People can be whatever they want, I am not in the position to judge anyone that I don't even know irl. They want to get attention extremly, because they get it and it is easy to get. Sexist guys like you created it like this, now you are complaining about it, crying about those evil ugly chicks trying to trick you into finding them beautiful though they aren't and boohoohoo they blame muh society. Srsly? It is so ridiculous, it almost would be funny, if I would care enough, but I simply don't. I do not care for other peoples ape shit.

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I am not one of "sexist guys". And I don't use Instagram .

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Your views on the behaviour of the female monkey speaks otherwise. What do you even think why the survival of the female monkey is mainly dependent on how other monkeys see them, hm?

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I think there are some gravity lens lead to light bending.............

What the hell I am talking about......