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Really really interesting talk. I've heard buzz about Jordan Peterson and seen a few quotes, but this is my first real exposure to him, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with his eloquence and insight. H3H3 also asked fascinating questions and covered a lot of different topics about life and reality and social dynamics, beyond just politics.

Definitely worth leaving on in the background.

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Nothing belongs more on this website than this interview. Humor + Wisdom is a fantastic combination

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When the commercial starts, skip to 36:25

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The guy is undoubtedly very bright, and comes off very well in his presentation. However, here is a video of him destroying himself in his own words.

What is his reason for presenting the jews as so 'benign and beneficial', when the major complaints about them are about their horrific and self-documented efforts to destroy our societies? He's definitely an interesting character. "Most of my friends are jews", he admits.

"Human beings are often controlled by forces beyond their personal understanding."