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Dog delivery? There must be more details to that story. I pray you drive safely and return home safely. Today I have been keeping my garden alive. It needs frequent watering in this heat. But it did produce some good fruit today.

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    A few reasons I garden: Fresh, fully ripe fruit is healthy and tastes better. Good health cannot be bought at any price, so to be healthy is a most valuable blessing, and I thank God I am healthy. In my garden I do not plant gentically modified organisms, and do not use chemicals to poison the pests or weeds, so my fruit is also free from the same. Much of grocery store produce is contaminated.

    Another reason: I like to have something of value to share with my family, friends, and even strangers.

    One more reason: Famines are beginning, food shortages are a reality and it will get worse. Hunger is how our enemy will enslave the world's population. Whoever controls the food supply, controls the people. People will do just about anything if they are hungry and fearful of starving to death. They would even tolerate being branded like cattle if it meant they could have a bowl of slop. If more people would produce their own food and share, we would be free from the control of corporations and from the beast system.

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    This guy cruising with a car full of bitches

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    Aww, cute puppies. I'm home alone until tomorrow babysitting the dog and cat.

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    baked homemade pizza and choc chip cookies. safe travels. enjoy.

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    My buddy did that, great opportunity to pick up weed from legal states for sale in illegal ones. Grab me a vape bro!

    The wife and I just had dinner with the parents.

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    Cute pups. Drive safe.

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    I'm driving up to the north of England to see my dad today. Then I'm spending 2 weeks alone in a shepherd's hut. Bliss.

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    I garden and grow fruits. I'm using permaculture techniques and all sort of things. Did you know you can make good fertilizer just by throwing stuff in a water bucket? Look it up for more details (liquid fertilizer), simply adding plants and water then wait 2 weeks. Some people even throw fish parts and other stuff. The only downside is the smell. Beside that, it is much better than the powder they sell that is probably made of animal urine (you can also use your own, just dilute by 1 to 6 water). I've also started vermicomposting. Quite eazy and no need to buy worm, just need to find a hundred or so and they will multiply quite fast as long as they got plenty of space.

    I am learning woodworking skills. From green, fine to more industrial woodworking, lumber processing, etc. I really like bushcraft for its simplicity. Just need a very few tool set and a lot can be done. Some tool recommendation: Mora Companion, Hultafor trekking axe, Zubat and Katanaboy zilky saw and a couple of bahco bow saw blade (24 inch+) to make your own wooden bow saw with some paracord.

    On top of that, I am also doing a lot of networking online and in person, it is well worth it. I believe the most important thing right now is to start doing a lot of transaction (whatever the currency is, trading, crypto, money, other kind of trading system) with people.

    I cook food. I also do canning, I highly recommend printing the USDA canning guide. I try to identify plants around to do foraging. There are so many, most I use to make herbal teas.

    I highly recommend starting waste management. The Humanure hanbook from Jenkin explain how to shit in a bucket to make compost. No need to read the full book. Basicly, get a bucket, throw wood shaving in then shit and pee in it (don't go just to pee, I think). Add wood shaving, it shouldn't smell. Once the bucket is full, there are different ways to go for, but in simple, empty in a bigger bucket. Once this bigger bucket is full, let it sit for at least a year, 2 if you want to make sure everything is fine. Then start filling another big bucket.

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      diddnt know it takes years to make sure compost is safe

      It applies to hummanure. And it is probably not that much worrying since humanure have been around for a very long time while it seems like something new because it has become a taboo and there is also a big business behind toilet industry. I mean, I can make a toilet for ~50 canadian dollars with brand new material. It would defenitely be possible to get free material to make it, it is so simple.

      I highly recommend for all sort of stuff like what I said above.

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      Is that a golden doodle? How and why puppy delivery??

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          I think that's a bot.

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          Reading a book

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            Elaine Showalter's 'Hystories: hysterical epidemics and modern media', 1997

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              Yes - I like reading news most of the time, though this summer I am catching up with a plan to read a number of books I've not previously had time to finish.

              BTW: I see that you and /u/AmericanMuskrat like to cook. I recommend this:



              It's from: 'Dadima's: Celebrating Grandmother's Wisdom Through Indian Cooking', by Anneeka Ludhra

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                Sure - but I suspect we all have very different tastes. It would be interesting.

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                    I think a question about this at /s/AskSaidit should raise some good ideas, even if by 10 or 20 people. If there's a bit of controversy, there could be many more comments. I tend to read non-fiction science related books, which I doub't otherw will find interesting, save two of three here who've apparently studied physics. But I have a lot of interests.

                    As you know, much of the engagement on Saidit is political, but the favorite books mentioned in the Chat tend to be science fiction (or at least that's that I've seen). If you start the process, I'll try to drum up interest.

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