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Lots of people with issues end up here because despite everyone's virtue signalling about the subject, nobody wants to deal with people with actual mental health issues.

So, again, what are you on? You mention you have autism, ADD, OCD, and you talk about Kratom.

By the way, a small but considerable amount of people become horribly addicted to kratom. For some very unfortunate individuals, it can even cause liver failure. I don't mean over time, I mean, some people don't metabolize kratom correctly.

I never had a problem, but after 5-6 years of taking it, it stopped working. The law of diminishing returns. Nothing works forever. Oh well, I didn't have any issues quitting and now I save money not buying it. But when mentioning an unregulated substance, you might wanna also mention the negatives as they can be considerable.

What about stimulants, mood stabilizers, anti-depressants, marijuana, alcohol, other drugs?

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I'm not on anything... I don't think I've been on any in many many months... And I have all 5 monkeys 😁 In my DNA 🧬... Not actual disorders either!! I belieeeve that's the default state of humanity but... I think some outside force caused humans to become 😑

NOT addictive (kratom)!! And only 15 people around the world died from it, allegedly... Do your research!! 💡


Don't like anti-depressants 🤢 And alcohol is 🤮, and mood stabilizers are no no no. Good "drugs" are magnesium (not considered a drug but makes me feel hiiiiigh as a kite, helps sinuses...), kratom (helps my energy), and marijuana (helps me relax, max). Those are the 3... plus Wim Hof breathing (also called "Tibetan Tummo"), hitting me silly (an African practice), and ice cold showers / baths (sometimes in streams...)... they are helpful to me as well!!

Is what I'm saying interesting? 🤔

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NOT addictive (kratom)!! And only 15 people around the world died from it, allegedly... Do your research!! 💡


I did not say many people died from it. Do some better research.

Is what I'm saying interesting

Well, no. I'm a little old to be entertained by your thoughts. Know any good jokes?

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You DEFINITELY find my post interesting!! See, you're responding!! See see!! >.>

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Dude, relax. I'm not trying to be unfriendly.

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Well... good that you're trying 👍 But uhh... you are (being unfriendly...). You are projecting again :(