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Eh, that's just a political hit piece. Blackie McToken there was just echoing the party talking points, and I imagine, being a person of token status, would have particularly been pressed to "say the line."

I mean, maybe she's an insufferable twat, I don't know, but I think this a cheap shot by Koalaboy, Moonface, and Monkey girl (Left to right).

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Man that's racist.

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Hell my computer is racist.

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Sometimes I truly can't believe it has come to this. I understand all there is to know about the apparatus, the culture wars, the globalist(commie) subversion, the indoctrination, all of it. It's just, sometimes I still can't believe its happening here. Your brothers have failed you, at least that's how I feel, I really hope I'm wrong.

Unfortunately, I saw way too many fake tough guys during Covid fold like a chair to make me think there is any hope that the population of this country will ever fight it off in a real way.

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Unfortunately, I saw way too many fake tough guys during Covid fold like a chair to make me think there is any hope that the population of this country will ever fight it off in a real way.

Yup. At this point I'm just waiting to die. Totally convinced that basically nothing good will ever happen again, at least not for White people. Auschwitz II cometh.

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It's sad isn't it? I mean I know it's off topic, but the number of imbeciles I saw during Covid walking around in wounded warrior t-shirts and an American flag gaiter was astounding. Like did they not understand how ridiculous that made them look? The average American, even the suppossed freedom loving tough guys, are mostly just giant pussies.

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A nation sold for work-from-home. Profoundly sad.

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That's a good one, I'm stealing that.

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They teach classes in Universities and public schools where the whole class topic is " How White people are evil" and so many White people still don't understand how dangerous it is to allow this rhetoric to be taught in institutions.

Sometimes I can't even wrap my head around it.

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If you think commies are behind this, you still haven't taken the final pill yet.

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Jew don't say?

As a reminder, it's alot easier to get people on board with a very easy to explain subversion campaign that has actual proof than trying to explain how an entire section of an entire religion of people are behind this.

You know, kinda like 9/11, if you want to open someone's mind to it, you can't just say the Jews did it even though they did, you have to talk about things they can relate to, like the PNAC, or provable things from that day.

After all, globalist/communist subversion is a leg of the Zionist pig is it not?

Know what I mean?

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Jews very clearly state what they do and why they do it, to other jews, because they know that since they dominate every institution and own every media company they can shape public opinion away from the 'man behind the curtain' and towards the symptoms, the ideologies like communism which jews are the architects of. They know that as long as you focus only on the symptoms you will never cure the disease or erase their parasitism.

Honestly, it's shockingly easy to J-pill people if you give them the right links. The most J-pilling content out there is created by Jews and intended for other jews, after all. There is literally no reason to play their game and remain on their plantation.

For more info and links to j-pill people, ask on /s/debatealtright

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I get it. But I've had way less success starting there than ending there. After all, we're dealing with normals and useful idiots, I spend way more time talking in real life than I do on the internet, and in that setting, saying the "jews did it" typically doesn't work. You gotta work peabrains up to it.

Surely we can agree that we agree, we just go about it differently that's all.

Frankly, I'm just here to make fucked up comments, not change anyone's mind. The research is so much more rewarding when done for one's self.

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The sheriff is a ni.

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The best thing to do to someone like that is ignore it.