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I get it. It's OK for nigras to have a protest but not whitey.

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So it was either and inside job, or allowed to happen so as to give an excuse to something the government was intent on anyway? But, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor were real tragic events with many deaths. This Jan 6 BS is more like Orson Well's War of the Worlds

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It was allowed to happen, there are many pictures and a good amount of evidence that they were let in, I cannot give sources at the moment, am going to sleep, but the stuff is there and I believe you can search it up yourself, it is quite interesting, The comparison is truly stupid and just the worst strawman I ever saw, more like special pleading to be honest.

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I agree it was clearly allowed to happen, and I suspect if anything actually happened besides the death of a veteran who was either "protesting" or touristing it was agent provocateurs. Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen, 9/11 was a mix of inside job and allowed to happen. But on Jan 6th nothing of what the Dems are freaking out about happened.

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likely the cops that commited suicide after were murdered to cover up what they knew

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She also thinks flat backing her way into a Politco job is a legit 'career'..?

Did she not see the video of them being let in!?