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I could never get into that show because I thought it would be too depressing or it would just be propaganda for how evil the Soviets were (which I'm still sure is partially true). Either way, either way I figured I'd see the resolution coming which would deflate a lot of the drama.

A lot of those scenes sound kind of preachy, although I like that lead actor. Is the show any good?

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I watched the show, I loved it, it wasn't 100% depressing or propaganda, it was reality I'd say, because most of it is very much likely to be true, I have yet to finish watching Anatoly Dyatlovs interview but the show I would definitely recommend, it is not too sad, it has it's moments of good laughter, but it's a serious one and has some gore, very explicit and realistic gore, so if you have a soft stomach I suggest try and skip some of those scenes, but altogether it is a fantastic piece of art.

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Imo it was a good watch but I don't get the acclaim for it.

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Excellent show. Some very powerful undercurrents relevant to our own era. 10/10 would recommend!

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How appropriate that a US President - compromised by $400 million in donations from Russian businessmen (who paid his Deutsche Bank debts), among other corrupt practices, is also known for false or misleading claims totaling 30,573 over 4 years. Those lies continue with the right-wing media, to keep their voters from knowing the facts about what the GOP has done for 4 decades to make the lives of the 99% much much worse. HBO's Chernobyl was partially a response to this kind of governing with lies, in Russia and the US. 'Don't look up' lampoons this problem.

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I checked out the Washingtonpost, don't see a lot of anti-Biden statement and from what I recall, not the best place to get unbiased views, they're like the rest of the media it seems, shit on Trump mostly, yet Biden has fucked up the country much faster than Trump. January 6th was bad? What about BLM and Antifa? They fucking destroy places and killed shitloads more, they keep saying January 6th was so horrible, sure it was, don't shit your pants, but to be frank, it was not bad, a bit frightening, maybe, maybe, but it doesn't change the fact that it was not violent at all. I did not watch all of the video but I heard a snippet about vote fraud being a lie, dead people voting is not a fraud? Or people voting twice, not a fraud? Or voting laws being changed soon after, not suspicious?

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I checked out the Washingtonpost

WaPo doesn't have the best reputation, they're very liberal.

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Yea it seems they follow the mainstream bullshit narrative of shitting on Trump but sucking Biden's limp dick.

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They're doing what journalists should be doing: looking at the problems of the establishment. The GOP have been in control for so long that they've continued to deserve scrutiny, which WaPo manages to do. Most other news media is controlled by right-wing special interests and are pushing that narrative.

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You'll like u/Socks when he gets unbanned.

They're doing what journalists should be doing

Journalists in an ideal world would be fair and impartial, not picking teams.

The GOP have been in control for so long

Not like they're about to be. I'm not sure how much of what the liberal media reports these days accurately reflects reality tbh. I mean, still harping about Trump and the vaccine that doesn't work... it doesn't seem to make much sense.

Most All other news media is controlled by right-wing special interests and are pushing that their own narrative.


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Let's not forget the 4 years of complete fuckery the GOP and Trump are responsible for, and are still responsible, as we see the GOP blocking every form of legislation that could benefit the 99%.

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Sir, this is a Wendys...

Also, why are you ranting about Joe Biden and his thousands of provable lies in a post about a tv show?

Democrats literally set their own cities on fire in 2020, but you blame the GOP for making the live of 99% worse? I fled a city run by 99% Democrats because they were the ones making everyone's lives worse and took my 6-figure taxable salary with me.

Funny how the lunatic left suddenly stopped caring about lies the moment their pedophile-in-chief and his crack head son entered the White House.

Best part is even the New York Times is admitting Trump woke up a lot of Democrats in shithole Democrat run cities. Look up any urban area, click "change from 2016", and you'll see a ton of red shift virtually everywhere. People are rejecting your small-brain propaganda.

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No - the point in the TB show is that the perpetual lies by the government led to catastrophe, and this relates directly to the lies told by Trump and his party for many years. Consider for example the claims that COVID19 was a hoax. That injured and killed a substantial portion of the US population. No - the lies did not help anyone.

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this relates directly to the lies told by Trump and his party for many years

Not really. You think Trump lying doesn't make every tv show about a liar a documentary on Trump. It's more of a projection of your mind and an indicator of how obsessed you are with Trump, and how blind you are to the lies Democrats tell you.

Biden founded his entire campaign on a lie. He said Trump called Nazis very find people which has been debunked by everyone. Does that make Chernobyl about Biden?

When Covid was first detected and Trump shutdown air travel to China, Biden called Covid a hoax and called Trump a xenophobe and racist. I guess that makes Chernobyl about Biden. Does that mean Biden murdered hundreds of thousands of Americans?

Consider for example the claims that COVID19 was a hoax.

To the extent the media exaggerates it's severity, which is little worse than the flu, it quite literally is. When Covid first broke out, even Democrats were calling it a hoax and encouraging people to go out shopping. Bill deBlassio gave a big press conference in an Asian market to assure everyone that it was safe to go shopping. A month later New York would be almost entirely locked down. Did Bill kill thousands of New Yorkers?

That injured and killed a substantial portion of the US population.

That statement makes no sense. You think Trump lies about everything and believe no one trusts him, but yet you think everyone interpreted his statements about Covid as health advice which they then followed and somehow killed them? Which is it? Is Trump a liar that no one believes? Or does he dispense truthful health advice that everyone follows? You have a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

Second, almost no one has died of Covid. The CDC reports that around 300k people a year died from Covid out of hundreds of millions of cases. That's less than 0.1% of the population. And even that's inflated and misreported because the CDC doesn't follow WHO guidelines and counts anyone who died from any reason as a Covid fatality if Covid anti-bodies are detected in their system. If someone dies in a car accident and it's later found they had Covid, they're counted as a Covid fatality. For example, George Floyd, who was allegedly murdered by a cop last year, was officially a Covid fatality because his body tested positive for Covid. Twice as many people die from heart disease each year, and no one even bats an eye, much less considers that a "significant portion" of the population.

But if you're going to blame Trump for lying and getting people killed, you'll need to start with all the Democrats who encouraged people to go out shopping during the pandemic. That killed far more people than Trump calling an obvious hoax a hoax.

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Thank you for this thoughtful response. I think we should be very concerned about lies in right-wing propaganda, for which Trump , MTG, and others are obviously famous. What those lies have done is help spread COVID19, racial division, anti-democracy interests and much more, which has increased income inequality in the US to a critical level. The country is seriously suffering because of the GOP tax breaks and handouts to themselves while the 99% were not helped, nor will the GOP vote on bills (eg. build back better) designed to develop jobs for the 99%. As for COVID-related deaths, it's impossible to deny the millions of them, and indeed these were under-reported in India, Brazil, South Africa, China and elsewhere by a factor of as much as 1 death = 4 or 5 deaths, especially in India, where there were counts at crematoria. Here are some of the basic stats.

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A number of those "fact checks" turned out to be inaccurate. I'd suggest getting better news sources than WaPo.

Don't look up

I thought that was a great watch. Imo, you can look at an even deeper meaning in that they couldn't ever really do anything about the asteroid anyways, and Leo's character descended into useless debauchery that served nothing, only to realize his mistake at the end, eating a last supper with his wife and her new bf.

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We have different interpretations of the movie. The nukes sent to push the asteroid off course were cancelled mid-air by Mark Rylance (Musk/Bezos/Page/Zuckerberg &c), who started the 'don't look up' campaign, failing to create smaller asteroids, and then rescuing only a few wealthy people. Leo et al knew very well that everyone was fucked after Rylance cancelled the nukes. Nothing mattered after that. There are obvious parallels with the COVID politics (whereas it should instead be a medical science problem) and climate change politics (which is also a science problem, and shouldn't be politicized and allowed to continue).

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Very similar to the Covid-19 scamdemic.

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It's a bit redundant to do best quotes from a series where the best scenes and reactions are visual.