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Didn't click through. Stupid headline. I don't need some 'LA Port Worker' to tell me what I can see walking down the aisles of my local stores. Many items are clearly not available; that's right in front of my eyes. The most dangerous force in the modern world is 'spin' of information.

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You didn't watch the video at all?

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I didn't. Is it worth it?

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Eh. I'm the kind of person that doesn't believe just the one person saying some thing. If other dock workers stepped forward, maybe look into it more.

What I took away is pretty much him stating that dock warehouses are full of merchandise, and no one has the trucks or chaises to come and take it. Or they don't want to take it.

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I don't notice any differences at the supermarket besides the produce. The quality of produce is lower than it used to be, and they didn't have oranges once. How can you not have oranges? I consider oranges a necessity.

I do live in a major city, might be worse elsewhere.