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Yeah, it's "all wrong" because you're pulling it out of your ass. The average European is 100 percent European. The same is true for Asians, and Africans. Travel between continents only became geographically possible on the large scale in the 16th century as sea routes were opening between Africa and Eurasia, and ever since that time there has been nothing but conflict between the races.

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This is false. There are so many examples. For example:

And think of the mixture of people around the Mediterranean.

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Invading armies aren't the same as migrants. Or are you admitting that mass migration is a form of biological warfare?

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It's one example. And yes, they traded people from what is now Poland and Eastern Europe, while also mixing with other Eurasian groups as far south as Italy. Human trafficking, invasions, trade, migrations, and many other engagements mixed ethnicities around the world, for 150,000 years. Europeans are defintiely mixedas are others around the Mediterranean. Perhaps you want to consider only recent generations. The US is a perfect example of the intermixing of ethnicities, or also Brasil.