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It's more complicaated than this. Historically, every cosmopolitan gathering has been multicultural (by definition). "Social cohesion" is more likely in larger cosmopolitan areas than it is in smaller groups. What destroys social cohesion are insular groups that wish to prohibit mixed marriages (eg. white supremacists, orthodox and conservative Jews, orthodox Islam, conservative Hindus, traditionalist Japanese, traditionalist Chinese, etc. etc.

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This simply isn't true.

People didn't move around as much in the past, they didn't have the option to.

In the past urban centres were created from the people who lived in the countryside around them, which was the extent of their multiculturalism. The counties around London are even called the "Home Counties" for this reason.

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I see your point, but my reference is to cosmopolitan gatherings. In periods when urban centers mixed with other people - travellers, slaves, nomadic groups, invaders, &c - they transformed and developed. These are the cosmopolitan gatherings to which I refer. Even if we look as far back as possible to modern humans, we see interbreeding as part of their practices: Studies have shown that mixed ethnicity people are often smarter and more attractive (eg. many in the US are mixed, even if we consider German/Irish people, who wouldn't inter-marry before WWI, but married thereafter because of the loss of men in the war. Perhaps this goes back to the Civil War). This mixing has happened worldwide.

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You're changing the subject.

Such gatherings were not the norm in urban centres until recently and most progess happened outside of them because they were so rare.

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So all of the osteoarchaeological evidence of the intermixing of traditinoally foreign individuals in urban centers is all wrong? Is this because the textbooks we use for this study were published in the 19th century? Yes, intermixing was not as common in rural areas as it had been in urban areas, but recent scholarhip has shown that there was much more mobility than previously thought, across every continent. Everyone's relatively mixed, the further back we look at their histories.

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Yeah, it's "all wrong" because you're pulling it out of your ass. The average European is 100 percent European. The same is true for Asians, and Africans. Travel between continents only became geographically possible on the large scale in the 16th century as sea routes were opening between Africa and Eurasia, and ever since that time there has been nothing but conflict between the races.

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This is false. There are so many examples. For example:

And think of the mixture of people around the Mediterranean.

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Invading armies aren't the same as migrants. Or are you admitting that mass migration is a form of biological warfare?

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It's one example. And yes, they traded people from what is now Poland and Eastern Europe, while also mixing with other Eurasian groups as far south as Italy. Human trafficking, invasions, trade, migrations, and many other engagements mixed ethnicities around the world, for 150,000 years. Europeans are defintiely mixedas are others around the Mediterranean. Perhaps you want to consider only recent generations. The US is a perfect example of the intermixing of ethnicities, or also Brasil.

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It is terrible what happened to the Germans and the Irish.

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Said my great grandparents.

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Says many Irish and Germans.

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There are various studies on how maladjusted and self-hating mixed children are, not to mention the actual health problems they have.

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If so, they're not accurate.

Perhaps you refer instead to consanguinity (which results in these problems)

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You can deny them as much as you want, jew. You won't rewrite reality by doing so.

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Why do you call me a Jew?

Are you angry?

Just read about it and calm down.

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I always thought japan needed BLM. they need the cultural enrichment to destroy their society in two decades.

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    That's a very racist and flimsy theory you have there. Guess who ended slavery before everyone else around the world?

    The British! Slavery continued in China, the Arabic states and Africa for decades after it was outlawed in England. I'm sure you were very attached to your story that justified your blind hatred, but it is utterly baseless.

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    Case in point, lol.

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      Shut up, jew.