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I'll never forget watching the video from the gas station across the street. The camera was pointed across the lawn of the pentagon so you saw the missile streak from one side of the shot to the other. There was no mistaking the fact it was a white missile, complete with fins and a small explosion. A few days later I tried to find the video again and it had been doctored, showing a large white blob go across the screen, clearly fake trying to represent a plane. It was such a sad attempt at faking a video that I've never seen that footage in either form again.

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I remember that video. And I also didn't understand, because you know the pentagon was covered in video surveillance and what they released to the public is a potato gas station video.

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That footage was leaked by the owner.

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I remember that footage, but I believe I just saw clips on the internet. It was like 3 frames, maybe 5. Certainly did not look like a plane.

Certainly if a plane had crashed into the pentagon, you would see evidence of wings and those huge jet turbines; as you would have also seen at the crash site in Pennsylvania.