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That's such an awkward way to dance, this clown world is just depressing to me still.

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I've heard many metaphysicists say the possibility of you existing is like you winning the lottery everyday for your entire life, from the moment you were born to the moment you died, "hypothetically".

Can you imagine, if we won that hypothetical metaphysical lottery; we could have been (and we do have the tech and minds to) live in an Utopia, but we live in this reality with different layers of insanity to it and the "upside-down, turning right-side up", everyday. That's some Bad Luck Brian level of funny.

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Life is amazing. I'm glad to be alive, even though I was born into a global cult, even though I live under the rule of those who destroyed my people. Life is totally worth it, and I've had some really crazy painful stuff happen to me, leaving me with chronic pain. I hope that more people come to love and appreciate life, because I think it's one of the things that people are doing wrong these days. We shouldn't see life as some unlucky lottery ticket.

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Genuinely, I’m glad you’ve been through all you have yet still have hope and faith in life (which you obviously do), that are both stronger than the pain you face. You must have some good peoples in your life as well, and I’m glad for that too (sorry if I’m making an incorrect assumption).

But you know this is a very subjective topic. Is life beautiful? Yes. But does humanity and the systems in place prevent many of us (usually those in the most unfortunate positions) from actually enjoying this “rare experience”? Yes.

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I agree with that last bit.

However, those things are not* stopping people from enjoying life. As I said, I was born into a cult, born into the rule of the my people's enemies. I have not had an easy life, in fact, I've long been surrounded by those who shirk away from knowledge, from learning, from experiencing (I forgive you for assuming). I have grown up, like many, in a human-centric environment which focuses on Subjective Reality rather than Objective Reality. So the topic may have levels of subjectivity to it, but that has no bearing on the actual discussion beyond "Well, I don't like this one ingredient, so I'm gonna focus on it rather than the whole enchilada."

My decision to love and accept life has nothing to do with others and how they've treated me. It was a personal decision, and one that is available to just about every human alive today, regardless of their personal experiences. Case in point, I've met folks who've escaped apartheid, who survived rape and attempted murder, and they agree with what I'm saying here. People who were born into a literal hell know what I'm talking about, because they also made that choice to not despair, but to accept and love.

I used to despair because of the situation of my life, because of the trials I faced, the evil that I met. It was an inner despair, therefore, it required an inner courage to defeat.

Everybody has this courage/ability (or what have you) within them. Most people, including many who despair, simply choose to not recognize it. Or, they choose to recognize the influence of that inner truth, but not the actual truth itself.

I am undoubtedly using some poor language. I will talk about this with anybody. Most people focus on the subjective feelings or thoughts that they have about their trials. This is, to me, immature, yet most I've met do this.

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I should work appreciating my life more as well, I would rather see my own world rot decay has well in all honesty, while I'm chilling at home watching youtube in my tv.

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I don't want the planet to decay, neither would I like to see human civilization fall apart. I would rather see it evolve and mature.

I don't think it's going to happen, rather, I think we will be knocked down a few pegs through our own follies and Nature reacting to those follies. I have hope that this won't happen.

If I were you, I'd stop watching so much youtube :)

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I really should work on seeing stuff in a bright light in general. And I'll watch more fun youtube videos as well. Or just listen to more music. I sometimes wish Humanity will get better sometimes.

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Listen to Toto

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Thanks for the music suggestion at least

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what the flying fuck

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Can someone explain what’s happening here beyond the literal? I get that it’s a highschool dance but why are they dancing like that and who told them to do that? The school officials? So many questions...

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My assumption would be that they were told to do dance like they to 'prevent the spread of covid'. I think it probably comes from the same school of thought as our health minister here in Canada encouraging wearing a mask during sex.

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Me before clicking the link: how bad could any dancing possibly be!?

After clicking the link: Oh...

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Oh no.

Where is this?

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Clown world.

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Part of me is surprised that this occurred, but another part of me is still glad that people are finding some rather interesting ways to hurdle the illusion of this pandemic to be social. If civilization endures, and people have offspring, there's going to be a lot of kids looking at videos like this going, "gramps, wtf was that about?"

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This might be a new fad... but I doubt it

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This is too much... I've seen people doing some stupid stuff but not on this level. I want so badly for this to be a joke / parody.

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Pushes out the tits.

To be honest, I don't think that dance style is any more stupid than the Floss. Both are retarded, and that's a word I don't use often.

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Why can't I download videos from Always with the "failed - no file".