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All true, but of course they frame it differently. They would say that white people OWE them "reparations" because all white wealth was stolen from non whites. They would say that Whites and other races did not get along fine for hundreds of years, because for thousands of years whites were colonizing, enslaving, robbing, and suppressing others. That without that all races would be equally wealthy and powerful.

So what would you say to the argument that wealth begets wealth; meaning that every bit of wealth you have increases your ability to accrue wealth in a feedback loop that essentially makes it so the first person to become wealthier is destined to not only remain wealthier but also capture increasingly more resources compared to the initial loser. So if one were to look back into history and find evidence that the wealthy started that journey with theft that it does not matter if they continue to accrue wealth by stealing it can still be asserted that their wealth is the result of theft?

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I'd settle with starting by just making things fair. That's a tall ask considering the entire system is rigged against 99.999% of all people of all colours, serving the ruling class Zionists.