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I was skeptical after being told the circles are nearly always within a two-hour drive of Oxford or Cambridge and all that is needed is a square of plywood and a chart showing each participant his/her area to press down. When I mentioned this to a British friend, he told me curtly that he had seen fresh circles up close and, "...they are not done with squares of plywood." I will be seeing him today and will get his take on how they are made. Thanks for the fast response.

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Whether they're human-made or not, all appear to have messages of some-kind which is what's interesting. Maybe people are doing it and they're trying to communicate a message, maybe they're mass rituals? In documentaries they always say you can easily tell if it's a hoax or not by the way the crops look up close, like your friend said - they always look like they were flash frozen and all are perfectly bent in one direction and are firm to the touch after.

This one seems to have a lot of people interested because of the message and the detail of of it all.

It is weird how a lot of them are in England.

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Unmasked - Secrets of Deception - Crop Circles