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Sadiq Khan can bite my crank.

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You from OnA?

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You know it dude. Where da women at?

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Not in your porn.

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Gay homosexual faggot!

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It's so limiting picking one of the binary teams.

Why just have eggs for breakfast?

Why just have sausages for breakfast?

Why not have both?

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NOW you're getting into an area I would rather not probe or be probed, but it would increase your chances of a date on Saturday night (blatant Woody Allen rip off).

Used to know a guy who would say: I'm a trisexual—I'll try anything once.

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I used to be trysexual. Young and fun and full of cum. Horny as hell. But I didn't always like myself after or them, and it wasn't fair to them or me. I said no more fat girls and the rest, became picky, had better relationships and no regrets.

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My wife of 16 years and I had a rule since before we got married: no three-ways or eight-ways or any of that because we agreed that it's the beginning of the end for a standard relationship. I was single until 37 and thought I was home free but...that first marriage didn't work out. This one is pretty solid now after a rocky beginning. It's been a wild ride but right now we're happy as clams, whatever that means. I think d3rr said he hopes to join Mckenna's DMT gnomes when the time comes and that sounds good to me. What am I talking about?

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I'm miffed that no one voted for me in the popularity contest. :) I'm waiting for the swimsuit competition. We have a collection of fine people here. Good then, good: as Bukowski said. I'm going to log out and go read Patrick O'Brian. I'm on my fourth or maybe fifth reading of his Aubrey-Maturin series of twenty books and they keep getting better. G'night dude.

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It depends on the individuals and the couple. It can be the end. If you have great and open communication and confidence then maybe.

It's not as simple as just swinging. Unfortunately our culture doesn't educate on anything.

If you're curious, not even to try, just to read about it, I recommend The Ethical Slut.

I'm very familiar with DMT. It's the single most extreme experience(s) of my life. I'd love to get some again.