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Thanks bro. Watched it. What do you think of it?

You have to take a real interest in developing the bloodhound nose

So full time find great investments

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I liked his advice on stick to what you know and if you picked 20 investments for your lifetime youd vet that shit.

Him saying find something hated with a positive change was the golden nugget along with follow your passion and do that for a job IMO.

These past months Ive began stacking gold and silver and I had been dabbling in crypto since 2016 mostly alts but now its mainly bitcoin

when oil flipped and everything tanked, BTC was the worst and I was like fuck this shit so I traded some for physical metals.

its all gone up but had I just kept my position in BTC I would be ahead.

Now I collect money (Au,Ag,BTC) instead of all that frivolous stupid shit :)

but its still all being manipulated :(

have a good one ✌️