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Do you have a Tesla? Because I read that the app they use to open and start their cars went down for a while and lots of people could not access their vehicles.

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No I don't. There are a lot of questionable features. I probably won't use self-driving cars until they're way, way safer than human driven cars too. Too much over-reliance on technology that's only 10 years old and may not be supported in 10-20 years.

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I didn't mean it as an accusation but I read about the Tesla app problem within the last 24 hours and wondered if there was any connection. Sometimes I make connections where there aren't any. Yeah, no self-driving cars for me either.

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Ah I see, I didn't even realize those were separate instances, good eye

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I think the idea of self driving cars is great, and that they will help a lot of people.

I do have some issues with them though, such as that they remove your personal autonomy and potentially restrict freedom of travel. They can already remotely shut down your car using OnStar, but with a self driving car it could just deliver you to the police station or somewhere else against your will. Also there's the possibility of hacking and vehicular murder, such as what may have happened to Michael Hastings.

My concern is that they'll start to raise the insurance rates on human driven cars, then launch a campaign to shame people who risk other's lives using "dangerous" old automobiles, if not going as far as eventually outlawing them altogether.

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I agree manual vehicles will eventually be outlawed. And running from the police will be damn near impossible because they can just remotely shut down your car, for example.