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Windows is so terrible these days. They keep re-inventing the wheel for no reason, and stacking the new features on top of each other OS after OS, and it's a mess

Windows XP was probably the peak of windows

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Sounds like the story of all of software development these days. People keep reinventing the wheel - and their new one isn't even as good as the old one. I'm sick of having to fix the same problems over and over and over again, because no one listens.

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I'm really fond of XP, Win 7, and I tolerate Win 8.1.

Win 10 is a disaster.

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As much as I liked Windows 10 when it arrived because it was all shiny and slick, I soon realised it was all window dressing.

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windows dressing.


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The state of desktop software seems to get sadder and sadder, as they merge into some super dumbed-down "mobile-desktop" merged experience. Some days I regret even majoring in CS.

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Windows 8 was the merge. It failed. Microsoft has no idea how to remove the phone crap injected into Windows 8. Instead, they add more. It's stupid.

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I've been happy with Linux since 2008-ish. I still have to use Windows at work, which reminds me why I made the right decision. :)

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Can you please explain why Linux appeals to you? I’ve had Ubuntu as my main operating system since 2014 but I still largely prefer Windows or OSX.

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Not op. I've used Linux, Ubuntu and Mint, since 2011 as my primary system. I rarely game, so WINE takes care of the few titles I'm interested in for me. The video editing software is perfect for my needs. The media players can be configured to the way I want my library read and stored. Audio and photo editing are also top notch. The system works, and we'll, and with few errors. I'm free to do as I want on my system and with my system, without worrying about permissions, or advertisements. And I feel a little less open to security issues with a solid system and good protocols. I'm aware that doesn't work for everyone, but I do think more people should try it.

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Sure, freedom and the lack of restrictions.

I've used Windows (XP/98), MacOS (1996-ish), Geos (C64/C128), and they are/were good OS's back then (IMHO). Oddly, what got me into Linux was Microsoft adding DRM restrictions to things like recording video. I then decided to see what Linux was about, and years later here I am today. :)

I should note, anyone wanting to try another OS, should not to go cold turkey. Having a second OS to bounce between is a good idea to gradually move towards that OS.

Since you use Ubuntu (I assume you still do), you may want to try other distro’s such as Linux Mint, Manjaro. Of course, use the live images without installing. There are a couple of Youtube channels you may want to look at as well: Chris Titus Tech, Switched To Linux

Finally, it’s a matter of preference. If Windows (for example) works best for you, keep using Windows.

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Stop the GD Updates, take back control of your machine. I've been using this since 2016 and it works flawlessly. Never will I let any company dictate when I must update. Why more people are not outraged about this is a mystery.

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There are many bugs if you don't update it.

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Not in my experience. I had no updates whatsoever for over ~18 months (and wasn't even running Defender) with no problems at all. I think they say that so people will update. Also, with every update, they re-install stuff which I have to then re-remove.

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Since I can't bear win 10,I move back to win 8.

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There was a joke about Win 8, that it was so bad they didn't even did a 9, they skip right to 10

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i could not use HDMI-OUT for +- 1 year after a window 10 update, i decided to keep trying again after every update and lucky-but after+- 1 year- it worked again, also 2 times i had to call my provider to take over my PC and fix stuf- after update my mouse button(to open files/stuff) diddent work ore/and other crap